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The other day a news left me frozen: drownings are the cause of 8% of infant deaths in summer. Pools, rivers, lakes and beaches are now becoming the most desired playground for children, but they hide important dangers for their safety and health that require our more rigorous and responsible supervision.

There are many things you can do to breathe easier when you see your offspring splashing. Take note and even the beach watchers will take you more seriously:


1. To avoid drowning, swimming. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics of Primary Attention (AEPap) recommends teaching children to swim from 4 years to reduce the danger. But beware, this does not replace the continuous monitoring of the child in the water in any case.

2. Hygienic awareness against diseases. Do not swim in closed waters when you suffer from some type of disease that you can transmit or that causes you an indisposition : germs spread more easily in this environment.

3. Leave everything out before diving. And we mean u na good shower to remove sweat, dirt and any element that does not want to contribute to your bath water for all.

4. Pause going to the bathroom every hour, and wash your hands and face often.

5. How good it is to drink 2 liters of water a day! But not from the pool.

# 6 Protect the skin and eyes of the Sun as if they were your greatest treasure. The first years of life are especially sensitive to excessive exposure to UV radiation: “Using an adequate sunscreen during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of skin cancer in adulthood by up to 78%.”

7. And if you take food to the beach or pool, better fresh and do not deteriorate in the heat with the ease of, for example, eggs.

8. Check that things are done well. Chlorine needs to be renewed twice a day: do they do it in your community?

9. Do you know if the lifeguard of the pool has the proper training? And no, we are not thinking about her . Okay, yes.


There is a tenth tip that I call the boomerang effect : if you practice and share these 9 rules, you will enjoy your effects twice, since a collective conscience about water and safety interests us all to avoid diseases and risks of any kind.

What is your way of taking care of the little ones in their aquatic moments? Do you have tips or tricks to share with other readers?


Update: As our friend and fellow blogger Madre Reciente told us on Twitter , “it is just as important to teach children to swim as they do in the car in their safety seat”. And another very interesting entry in his blog that I also invite you to read: “At what age do children go swimming?”.


Today we pay attention to a very important danger that occurs every summer: swimming pools, rivers, beaches and lakes receive thousands of children eager to enjoy their waters, but there are very important risks such as drowning, infection, sunburn, burns, indigestion , dehydration ... here are some tips to minimize the risks in your pool. ADVERTISING: If you do not want to mess up the next time you have an emergency at home, take this gift for our blog readers:

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