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Better late than never just been one of those days/weeks/months

This month I was

Listening to audiobooks by the hour! Ive become addicted to this fantasy series my friends and I were obsessed with in high school.i

Seeing in 20/20 vision! (I had lasik eye surgery.)

Eating my weight in sushi. Its my new addiction.

Papering the inside of my open shelving with $2 contact paper. I love it!

Coding like a geek-asaurus rex for a surprise later this week (hopefully).

Baking my very first batch of muffins from scratch. Raspberry & yoghurt muffins! They turned out yummy. Im proud of myself.

Playing Scrabble on my iPod Touch. Oh, the hours I have wiled away. (Scrabble is my favourite game of all time.)

Pouring over scores of design magazines that had formed a bit of a backlog over the summer.

Watching Sarahs House on HGTV Canada. Its the highlight of my entire week.

Feeling a wee-bit overwhelmed and frustrated with university at the moment. Please be winter break now.

Things That Made Me Happy This Month

Taping sheets of paper together.

Colouring in the walls on a printed out floor plan.

Relating to a fictional character.

Finishing a dreaded task sooner than projected.

Wearing my fluffy pink bunny slippers for the first time this season.

Rewatching an old favourite movie The Air I Breathe.

Jamming out to Aqua like it’s 1999.

Finding my way after getting lost.

Excitedly spazztastic e-mails.

Over the top moving Halloween decorations.

Hearing Joni Mitchell at a showroom.

The first falling leaf of autumn landing in my hair.

Feeling good about myself and my work out.

Staying up all night long and pouring over design magazines.

Fire crackers at 6:30 in the morning.

Love stories.

Playing with colours and shapes.

Exciting new projects finally entering the development phase.

Hilarious old childhood photos I’ve never seen before. (Involving me in a snow suit and a swarm of really fat cats.)

When I let my hair air dry and it goes just the right amount of wavey/curly.

Eating the noodles of my soup last.

Discussing design with my physiotherapist.

Conquering the scariness of eye drops.

Re-heated leftover Thanksgiving dinner.


Hot baths.

Doing homework with my mom (just like in elementary school…aw).

Playing Scrabble and making up hilarious words. (If you can come up with a definition, the word counts.)

Having my hair washed for me.

Having a hand to hold when I’m nervous/scared.

Solving a design problem that’s been troubling me for days.

When my brother’s cat meows at me through the door.

Overcoming minute and irrational fears.

Having my mind blown by an incredible and thought provoking movie. (see: Melancholia)

Follow along with my daily happiness filled exploits at This Is My Happy Face.

What tricks and treats did October bring you? And whos ready for November? Bring on the holidays! Sound off in the comments below. xo.

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naomi » 2 November 2011

how lovelylove this roundup :]

(reply to this comment)

cam » 2 November 2011

really waiting for the holidays to arrive, and hoping they will be peaceful and relaxed! 😉 xoxo

(reply to this comment)

Ally » 2 November 2011

October crawled and flew by, all at the same time. Cant wait for the holidays Im hoping for a relaxing holiday season this year but it seems unlikely with my job (yuck).
Cant wait for this surprise 😉 😀

(reply to this comment)

Mayumi » 3 November 2011

Im very happy that your eye surgery went well 🙂 Are you going to keep your glasses as a souvenir? They were Chanel if I remember correctly.

Sushi~ Ive never tasted it before since I want to try it before I visit Japan one day. But mom never lets me buy it 🙁 How does it taste like?

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

Good memory! They were Chanel! I still have them right now, but I dont think Ill keep them. I may try to sell them, but Ill probably just give them away. I already donated my other two pairs (sunglasses and an old pair).

Is it the uncooked fish that makes her nervous about sushi? If it is, maybe shed let you try something thats just veggie to start out? California rolls are kind of like your get your feet wet item with sushi.

(reply to this comment)

Mayumi » November 3rd, 2011

Ill try that. 🙂 Thanks, Krissy! 😀

(reply to this comment)

Bre » 3 November 2011

i wanna see the surrrrrpriiiiiiiiiiiiise!!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 4th, 2011

Soooooon, my pretty. 😉

(reply to this comment)

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