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I interrupt our regular scheduled posting to bring you the cutest thing on the entire planet!

Im sorry, I couldnt resist. This is just WAY too cute. Seriously, how adorable is this little guy? I want to take him home and love him and cuddle him forever and ever and ever! ♥ Really, really not helping my desire to kidnap a koala to have for my own. Call me a nutter, but I actually resized all the open windows on my laptop screen this morning so that he could sit in an open window that I could see all. day. long. Those eyes! I just melt.

Never has a GIF (or any picture, really) made me smile bigger than this little guy. I love him. I wish you could carry GIFs around in your pocket. Because I would.

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Joy » 3 November 2011


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Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

RIGHT?! Im mesmerized by how flippin adorable it is! Ive been staring at him all day.

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Ally » 3 November 2011

So flippin adorable. I wish we could carry GIFs around in our pockets as well.

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Gloria » 3 November 2011

Beyond adorable! His furry little face is putting me into a cute-overload trance 🙂

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Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

Cute over-load trance is the best way to describe it! Im completely mesmerized from him. I have to keep coming back here to Awwww! every few minutes.

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Crissy » 4 November 2011

Seriously, your new life mission must be going back to Australia to get one (and another for me). They sleep all the time, it shouldnt be too difficult to just climb a tree and grab one XD

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Jennifer » November 4th, 2011

I live in Australia, and have interacted with koalas many a time. Just so you know, like almost all native Australian animals, koalas are fairly vicious if you try to touch them, and are not nearly as cute as they look.

Also, koalas are unfortunately under attack increasingly in the past few years. Many wildlife centres in Australia have been taking in koalas that have been shot or hurt severely by humans some of them, it is believed, because they were attempting to take koalas out of their natural habitat, and did not expect the koalas to fight back.

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Krissy » November 5th, 2011

Hey Jennifer! I actually just spent 3 months abroad in Australia and got to visit quite a few conservation centers to see these lovely creatures. It breaks my heart a little bit that theyre so endangered as theyre one of my favourite animals. Ive always wanted to sponsor one so hopefully someday when I can afford it, Ill be able to so I can call a koala my own. (sort of, haha.)

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