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If Ive said it once, Ive said it a bajillion times: mixed media makes me insanely happy. Which is why photographer/artist Kari Herer is a big favourite of mine and why Ive been following her work for quite some time. It was her magnolias and beetles series (see below, 2nd image from the bottom of this post) that first caught my eye. I absolutely love her take on photography + illustration, combining the two to create one complementary image composed of loose sketches and items from nature. Its absolutely inspired, and a unique signature all her own.

Her new set of photographs featuring hand drawn rabbits adorned with flower buds is riiiiight up my alley.


Its such a whimsical touch to the standard sketch by adding in the odd flower bud purposely placed across the page. The florals complement the drawings perfectly creating an unexpected and unorthodox point of colour, texture, and depth. I love it.

And here are some other favourites from her shop:

Images via Kari Herer on Etsy.

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cam » 13 November 2011

this looks so adorable and yes it puts a smile on my face, too beautiful artwork! xoxo

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Miss Vintage Vixen » 13 November 2011

Oh my God. That looks PERFECT! That second to last picture full of the flower flies those are so dreamy and great!

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Ally » 13 November 2011

So lovely. I love the second one.

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