01. Loving the vibrant colours and smokey effects of this photoshoot. (Warning: NSFW.)
02. Furniture Men Hate provides a real chuckle. Even funnier is the response from her husband!
03. A tutorial to make a quilt like one (Ive been lusting over for over a year) at Anthropologie.
04. 55 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Yourself When Youre Busy, Busy, Busy. If you click only one link today, make it this one. Marthes list is filled with inspiration, wisdom and fantastic insight!

05. Mallory has opened a new blog showcasing her vintage book collection. (This post of handmade houses is just one of the awesome books shes scanned and shared thus far.)

06. Type created by the prick of a pin. So cool.
07. Paint your own watercolour pixel art.
08. How Blogging Became My Boyfriend. Hilarious because its true.

09. Your weekly dose of architecture Im crushin on. This time, the Barcode House.
10. The Girls with Glasses love hats. I love them.
11. Wildfox has an adorable kids clothing line complete with cute animal illustrations.
12. These rainbow polka dot heels are seriously lust-inspiring.

Busy, busy, busy is definitely the name of my game lately. I dont know where my time disappears to! But in my spare moments, Ive still made sure to visit my favourite blogs, and here are just some of the awesome things from around the web these last two weeks. Until next time, peace out girl scouts. xo.

Follow links for image sources.

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A Few Lovely Links №9 (May Round-Up)
Between finals at university and preparing for my travels abroad, I fell a little behind…
A Few Lovely Links
Giving something a try here. A little experiment, if you will. Not sure if it will stick, but hey,…
Popping In and Out Again
Good morning, and happy weekend! Just popping in to say a quick “Hello” and then scooting right back…
Fashion Studio Concept Development
When last I checked in, I’d mentioned an exciting project I was working on for university: designing…


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Ally » 6 November 2011

Im really happy I just bought some new watercolour paints and paper on Friday cant wait to try that pixel art. So pretty.

(reply to this comment)

Caity » 6 November 2011

Oh my gosh these are awesome finds. I love blogging is my boyfriend and the furniture men hate.

(reply to this comment)

Kimberley » 7 November 2011

Wow, those rainbow heels are exquisite. Must have now! 😉 x

(reply to this comment)

cam » 7 November 2011

lovely links, once again

love love the Quilt Tutorial, always wanted to start one! fabulous, thanks sweets! x

(reply to this comment)

Brandy » 9 November 2011

I love all of your finds, especially the How Blogging Became My Boyfriend. Definitely made me chuckle, because I could agree to almost all of those points.

Im not sure whats attracting me to those rainbow heels, the boys, or the rainbow polka dots.

(reply to this comment)



So. Who wants to give me $3.75 million dollars? Its for a good cause! The Krissy-needs-to-own-this-townhouse cause. This townhouse (belonging to the one and only Jenna Lyons, creative director and president of J.Crew) is up for sale. And I kind of want it x a lot because Ive been on the envy train for aaaaages. Its been in my folder called Dream Houses swoon! for as long as I can remember. (No lies, I actually have a folder on my computer called that. Its the best folder known to man-kind.)

Its just such a gorgeous townhouse inside and out, its almost mind-bogglingly perfect. From that architecturally gorgeous (white, bonus!) exterior and the beautiful blossom filled backyard (with concrete paving stones which are my FAVOURITE thing in the entire world when it comes to outdoor spaces)

check out that stunning minimal industrial-feel kitchen (mmm, concrete counter tops)

the delicious black coated bedroom and enjoining master bath

the entire-room-is-a-closet room! (Do the shoes come with the purchase of the home? Pleasepretty?)

and, of course, my FAVOURITE room in the entire house, the living room! That chandelier! That couch! That rug! The moldings! The fireplace! Everything!!

Wistful sigh. Yeah, I just really love this place. Its perfect. And Im jealous of whoever gets to live in it post-Lyons.

Most of the images in this post via Fashionologie. Some are from my own archives from aaaaages ago back before I even started my blog, so unfortunately, no source. I want to say theyre from Domino though.

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Mixology How To Be An Explorer Of The World
I feel a little bit like I’m in a transition phase. Part of my mind is still back in Australia adventuring…
Guest Post: Marthes Summer Reading List
When Krissy requested guest posts, I knew exactly what kind of post I wanted to do. A while back, Krissy…
Where I Live
Hey dudes! You should probably head on over to Moxee today (Bre’s awesomesauce blog). It’s a favourite…
Leopard Print
They say inspiration comes in every shape and form, and can find you in even the most unlikely of places….


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Ally » 9 November 2011

Can we be room mates?! Split the cost? lol
It is so pretty. Sigh.

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 9th, 2011

Brilliant! YES! Lets do this! I like the sound of $1.875 million 😉

(reply to this comment)

cam » 9 November 2011

what gorgeous interior design and love love the closet! 😉

(reply to this comment)

Joy » 9 November 2011

All the different rooms look amazing 🙂 I feel so inspired.

(reply to this comment)

♡hellovanny // WEEKLINKS » 9 November 2011

[…] This amazing townhouse. […]

Daphne » 9 November 2011

Ill go in on the split. Surely $1m-ish each is very affordable.

I saw this in the news and I think I actually drooled. Its so gorgeous, I really wish I could afford it!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Sounds like a plan! 😉

(reply to this comment)

Vixel » 9 November 2011

Oh wow, that is a beautiful home. I love to see black-painted rooms that work, it would have made my teenage goth past-self feel gloriously vindicated!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Absolutely! I love that black is becoming a more accepted colour choice nowadays.

(reply to this comment)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} » 9 November 2011

Oh I want it too. Do you think shed leave it furnished if I paid her some extra Monopoly money (cause thats all I have).

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Youre got a one up on me; I dont even have Monopoly money!

(reply to this comment)

Hannah » 9 November 2011

Ill be your roommate! 😉 Seriously, that is gorgeous.

(reply to this comment)

fifth floor apartment » 11 November 2011

HOLY MOLY. can i move in with you?

xo Alison

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

The more the merrier!

(reply to this comment)

Aurelia » 3 December 2011

Just discovering your blog and really like it ! Good photos, great writing, nice work !
follow you now.


(reply to this comment)


If Ive said it once, Ive said it a bajillion times: mixed media makes me insanely happy. Which is why photographer/artist Kari Herer is a big favourite of mine and why Ive been following her work for quite some time. It was her magnolias and beetles series (see below, 2nd image from the bottom of this post) that first caught my eye. I absolutely love her take on photography + illustration, combining the two to create one complementary image composed of loose sketches and items from nature. Its absolutely inspired, and a unique signature all her own.

Her new set of photographs featuring hand drawn rabbits adorned with flower buds is riiiiight up my alley.


Its such a whimsical touch to the standard sketch by adding in the odd flower bud purposely placed across the page. The florals complement the drawings perfectly creating an unexpected and unorthodox point of colour, texture, and depth. I love it.

And here are some other favourites from her shop:

Images via Kari Herer on Etsy.

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10 Magazines Dolce Gabbana Editorial
Today I’m obsessed with this floral painting infused editorial for 10 Magazine. Because it’s really flippin’…
Recall my questioning of whether a GIF could be deemed art? I decided that if they were pretty, they…
Marissa Textor
I’m so in love with Marissa Textor’s art. It’s incredible! So much detail, and I love the drama the greyscale…
Australia, Part I Melbourne Canberra
Hey. Remember that time when I was living in Australia for 3 months and I gushed about it constantly?…


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cam » 13 November 2011

this looks so adorable and yes it puts a smile on my face, too beautiful artwork! xoxo

(reply to this comment)

Miss Vintage Vixen » 13 November 2011

Oh my God. That looks PERFECT! That second to last picture full of the flower flies those are so dreamy and great!

(reply to this comment)

Ally » 13 November 2011

So lovely. I love the second one.

(reply to this comment

To Inspire №6


Long time no see! Ive missed blogging so much! Computer is still very much on the fritz at the moment so Im still unsure when Ill be back to regular posting again, but Ill pop in from time to time if I can. Considering this post has taken me 3 days to put together in what would normally be less than an hour good luck me.

Negativity aside though, heres a little (slightly belated) Monday inspiration to help get you (but mostly me as Im suffering from severe blog withdrawal) through the week. I miss you, blog!! Im clinging on for dear life.

Stay inspired. xo.

Click images for sources.

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CATEGORY: to inspire » TAGS:


Hi guys, Here’s the dealio. Technology is both my BFF and my mortal enemy. I love it, but a lot of the…
A Better Version of Me
Taking a mini-side step from the usual tonight to get a few thoughts out… I’ve been pondering a…
Kirsten Dunst for Band of Outsiders
Who else could use a little mid-week revival? I know I could. I’m completely out of the productivity…
Lets Talk Inspiration!
Hello, hello! Long time no see! So far so good over here in epic-homework-land. Stressed to the max,…


7 comments · JUMP TO COMMENT FORM »

Harriet » 19 December 2011

Yay lovely to see you back if briefly, hope your computer stays in the land of the living for as long as possible!

(reply to this comment)

Sarah » 19 December 2011

Its lovely to hear from you again Krissy 🙂 another gorgeous little patch of inspiration!

Sarah x


(reply to this comment)

naomi » 19 December 2011

so many pretties 🙂 hope your computer is up & running smoothly soonsoonsoon!!

(reply to this comment)

cam » 23 December 2011

missing you too, very much! Love the glitter & glamor inspirations, always!

Happiest Holiday wishes, lovely! hope to chat some more again soon.. xoxo

(reply to this comment)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} » 24 December 2011

A perfect collection of wintery inspiring images. I definitely need to get outdoors this season. When it gets so cold, Im tempted to stay indoors, but I dont want to miss the beauty of winter either.

(reply to this comment)

Jen » 25 December 2011

Hi Krissy –
I understand your blog withdrawl hence why Im back in black on a new blog 🙂 Its been ages!
And just wanted to say that your 3 hours work on this post was worth every minute.

Jen (Jenaveve August Street)

(reply to this comment)

Sarah » 28 December 2011

Gorgeous x10!

(reply to this comment)

10 Magazines Dolce Gabbana Editorial

Today Im obsessed with this floral painting infused editorial for 10 Magazine. Because its really flippin rad. And flowers are about 50 times cooler when 50 times their natural size. In my books, when in doubt, always go over-sized with florals. These beauties were painted directly over top of a set of photographs for a spiffin multi-mixed media look photography, painting and fashion. Works for me!

Images via Trendland, found via sfgirlbybay.



Dolce Gabbana (Fall 2011 RTW)
Hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and the red ba… no…
A Few Lovely Links №15
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Favourites from S2011 Fashion Week (Slash Month)
Like I could resist! Even though I’m quite possibly one of the least fashionable people this side of…
Head Over Heels In Love With Edition XXII
Ten Eleven things that make me weak in the knees. Marie Antoinette Fake Criterion Cover Because I…
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