Health insurance comparison 2016: Which health insurance is the right one

Thursday, 07.01.16 , written by Kathrin Staats After more than 75 health insurance companies have increased their additional contributions, millions of people with statutory health insurance have to dig deeper into their pockets. By a health insurance comparison in 2016, however, they can save money. Because many funds will remain cheap this year. But are they good too? >

Vergleich Krankenkassen 2016: Mitglieder können meist bares Geld sparen

Health insurance comparison 2016 pays off for insured

Two-thirds of the statutory health insurance funds have increased the additional contribution for 2016. The Viactiv health insurance with 16.3 percent and the DAK health with 16.1 percent are the two most expensive providers. Who does not want to be satisfied with the contribution increase should compare his current health insurance with other funds. In 2016, more than 40 of them kept their contributions stable. But for the provider change, there is not much time left for some insured persons .

Health insurance comparison 2016: When is a change of health insurance possible?

A change of health insurance is usually very simple. The following applies: If you are a member of the fund for at least 18 months, you can cancel at any time with a notice period of two months to the end of the month . If the additional contribution is increased, a special right of termination also applies . Then legally insured persons may also change before the end of the 18 months. However, this is only possible in the month in which the increased contribution is charged for the first time. The cancellation must therefore be the cashier by 31 January .

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Insured persons can change their cash register not only with premium increases, but also with unsatisfactory achievements and bad service. In particular, people with pre-existing conditions or chronic suffering in a change have nothing to fear, because the statutory health insurance companies may not refuse insured .

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Health Insurance Comparison 2016: Find the best deal

A comparison of health insurance shows willing to change, in which health insurance in 2016 they are best kept . If you want to be insured cheaply, it is best to switch to a cash register with low contributions. However, those who value high performance often have to dig a little deeper. A recent study by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) shows which providers convince with favorable contributions or very good performances. A saving of “up to 860 euros a year” is possible when switching from the most expensive to the cheapest.

The performance and price discount, however, only serves as a rough guide for the insured . Much more detailed is the health insurance comparison for 2016 of € uro magazine. On the basis of different sample customers the best health insurance for 2016 was determined. The test shows which providers, for example, savers, families or people who attach particular importance to alternative medicine, are in the best hands .

What should be considered in the 2016 health insurance comparison?

For the selection of the appropriate protection, the consumer advocates of Stiftung Warentest recommend a comparison of the health insurances for 2016. It should be noted that those affected should compare not only the amount of the contribution, but also the benefits with other offers . While there is a statutory standard of care, health insurances can also provide their members with special benefits such as reimbursement for professional teeth cleaning. These extra services vary greatly from checkout to checkout . Therefore, a health insurance comparison 2016 provides interested parties with a comprehensive overview and helps in the search for the personally best possible health insurance.

Here you will find tips and further information on the statutory health insurance. >

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