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Household insurance in the test: Who are the current test winner?

Whether a stolen bike, gross negligence caused damage to their own household or a devastated living room after a break – a good home contents insurance insured does not leave in these cases in the lurch. Which providers rank among the best, clarify comparisons regularly such as the test of Stiftung Warentest. But not every household insurance, which is named test winner, is automatically suitable for anyone who is interested.

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Household insurance in the test at Stiftung Warentest: The test winner 2018

With household contents insurance, insured persons protect themselves against the financial consequences if their belongings are stolen during a burglary, destroyed by fire or damaged by escaping tap water. But not every insurance pays if the damage was caused by gross negligence . If the policyholder has not completely closed a window during a storm, for example, or let a candle burn unattended, some providers cut back the services.

Especially expensive household goods should be fine
to be secured.

To ensure that this does not happen, the Stiftung Warentest has put the focus on household contents insurance for their current test , which pay in case of gross negligence . More than 140 offers from 60 insurances were examined for comparison, which appeared in the Financial Test Issue 04/2018. Individuals who have already taken out insurance advise the consumer organization “to review their policies and, if necessary, switch to a contract that excludes cuts in gross negligence.”

For its test, the Stiftung Warentest has also examined household contents insurance, which cover elementary damage caused by natural hazards such as floods. Depending on the place of residence, the additional protection only costs a small surcharge of less than 20 euros per year. Without it interested people pay for the cheapest home contents insurance annually less than 60 euros.

The result: which insurance is top?

The model customer is a 45-year-old employee with a 100 square meter apartment. In addition to standard protection, household contents insurance provides the following benefits:

  • Bicycle theft with at least 1,000 euros insured
  • Valuables are covered with at least 20 percent of the sum insured
  • Damage caused by overvoltage with at least 10 percent of the sum insured

The costs were queried for the cities of Munich (postal code 80804) and Cologne (50999). The five cheapest tariffs without elemental damage protection offer:

Munich Cologne
Docura (Tariff “Protect”) Ammerländer (rate “Comfort”)
Media (“Premium”) The Liability Insurance Fund (“Simply Better)
East Angler (“Exclusive Fair Play”) Media (“Premium”)
Black Forest (“Exclusive Fair Play Direkt”) Black Forest (“Exclusive Fair Play Direkt”)
Black Forest (“Exclusive Fair Play Plus Direct”) WGV (“Optimal”)

According to the Household Insurance Test, the annual subscription for the sample customer in Munich at the rates mentioned is between 56 and 70 euros . Cologne is more expensive due to the higher burglary risk. Here, the price range is 131 euros to 167 euros a year.

If interested people decide in favor of home contents insurance with elemental damage protection, the test winners hardly change. For Munich, the insurers mentioned remain the cheapest. In Cologne, instead of the WGV and the Liability Insurance Fund, the tariffs of Docura and Black Forest, which have already convinced in Munich, move up to the top 5. The costs here vary between 72 Euro and 89 Euro annually for the Bavarian capital respectively 156 Euro and 193 Euro.

While the cost differences in the low-cost providers are still low, the gap is far greater when looking at all household contents insurance examined. In Cologne, the annual fee increases to up to 516 euros . If insured persons also want to be protected against natural damage, up to 650 euros will be charged.

The drastic price ranges illustrate how important it is to compare several tariffs before the insurance is taken out so as not to pay too much for the comprehensive protection of the insurance . The individual comparison considers the respective place of residence and determines offers with an optimal price-performance ratio.

  Compare fares here

Öko-Test: Which home contents insurance offers the best benefits?

The magazine Öko-Test is also one of the bodies regularly testing household contents insurance. It last performed the comparison in the spring of 2017. Only those offers were considered which give a maximum performance guarantee. As a result, insured persons always benefit from the best services. For if the contract does not provide for a specific insured event, the insurance company will nevertheless reimburse the damage to the household goods if another provider would pay for the case. However, insured persons pay a higher contribution for this promise of service.

According to the test, four insurance companies achieve the top rating:

✓ ConceptIF – “CIP-Pro complete best service OM” and “VS”
✓ GMO – “Top-Vit”
✓ Policy – “PremiumPlus2016”

However, according to Öko-Test, not all household contents insurance can meet the guarantee. Because the commitment is limited by exclusions or other insurance conditions. Interested parties should therefore check carefully whether they want to pay more money for the performance plus in comparison to a household insurance without maximum performance .

Current Household Insurance Test winner for 2018 of Focus-Money

At the end of 2017, the business magazine Focus-Money tested 39 household insurance policies for the 50/2017 issue of the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg. The focus was on the best mix of price and performance . Only tariffs with top protection were checked. That means they offer

  • Insurance cover for household goods outside the home (so-called external insurance) for at least three months,
  • Guarding costs for at least 48 hours for the apartment or the house,
  • Reimbursement of bicycle theft also between 10pm and 6am,
  • Securing valuables up to 20,000 euros or 20 percent of the sum insured,
  • Elemental protection as well
  • Coinsurance of surge damage and aquariums.

As a model case, a 100 square meter apartment was ready. The annual costs of the respective insurance were determined for the five locations Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Hanover and Munich.

Three household contents insurance convince the test according to an excellent price-performance ratio and are thus test winner of the comparison:

  Media “Premium” Basler “Ambiente Top” InterRisk “Concept XXL”
20095 Hamburg 143 euros 178 euros 263 euros
10155 Berlin 143 euros 178 euros 138 euros
50667 Cologne 146 euros 202 euros 217 euros
30159 Hanover 143 euros 158 euros 104 euros
80802 Munich 77 euros 108 euros 138 euros

Tip: Interested parties reduce the annual fee for their home contents insurance, if they choose a deductible , as the comparison calculator shows.

What experiences do customers have with their home contents insurance?

Choosing for or against a particular insurance does not just depend on the services, the price and the results of the test so far. Dealing with customers also determines how good or bad insurance is. The Service Value analysis institute therefore regularly checks the experiences of insured persons with their household contents insurance.

At the end of 2017 more than 3,000 customer judgments were evaluated for comparison , whereby the customers were allowed to give their opinion in the areas of claims settlement, tariff performance, price-performance ratio, customer service, -communication and -beratung. 33 insurers were taken into account.

Nine vendors score from the perspective of their customers with a very good fairness. Another seven home insurance policies get a good rating. The test winners include, for example:

✓ Ammerlander
✓ The Liability Insurance
✓ Helvetia

Best Household Insurance: Find personal test winner now

A household insurance is recommended for people who “after a total loss, such as after a fire, financially overburdened to buy everything new,” said the Stiftung Warentest. Interested parties have the choice between a variety of offers. The current test winners offer them a decision-making aid by providing a first overview of recommended fares. But since the costs vary according to the place of residence and the desired scope of services , they can not replace an individual comparison.

With a tariff calculator , several offers can be easily compared. So you can easily and quickly find home contents insurance that best suits your own needs.


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