Oh, you know, just some end of the week sparkle for no other reason than I like sparkley things. And Im shameless in my constant search for all that glitters. Like thats any surprise

More of the non-sparkley-but-still-equally-as-pretty here.

Images via Purse n Boots.

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Ally » 11 November 2011


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cam » 12 November 2011

ok, kriss.. now this is a bit spooky! 😉

just had those images bookmarked and for a posting myself! now I can just link them to your beautiful post! xoxo

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Krissy » November 12th, 2011

Haha, really? What a coincidence, indeed! I say post anyway because theyre super duper pretty images and everyone needs to see them. 😀

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Caity » 12 November 2011

Awesome images! I also love sparkles and glitter. The one with the stars on her hand are really cool.

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Harriet » 13 November 2011

Oh glitter. Why must you be so sparkly and addictive?

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J. » 13 November 2011

OOOHHH! This makes me want very shiny holidays RIGHT NOW!

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Seems Ive neglected our past few Mondays of inspiration around these parts. Tsk tsk! So heres an extra helping of images currently inspiring me. Hope theyll spark a similar enthusiasm for you. Happy Monday!


Stay inspired. xo.

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Sarah » 14 November 2011

Some fantastic images here 🙂

Sarah x

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Ally » 14 November 2011

So much pretty.

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sami » 17 November 2011

pretttttttttty! i added one to my pinterest!


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Allow me to preface this mix with the following: silliness ensues.

Back story: iTunes shuffle can be mighty hilarious and/or clever. First, it played July, July by The Decemberists. Next up was Fiona Apples Pale September, followed by Flowers in December by Mazzy Star. Notice a bit of a pattern there? You bet I did! So for the sake of being a dork, I was curious if I had a song titled with each month of the year in my iTunes library. I did. (And with songs to spare.) I warned you that silliness was abound! I probably should have mentioned dorkiness, too. So I picked my favourites, and made myself a little mix.

Thirty Days Hath September, April, June and November

01. Tori Amos – Black-Dove (January)
02. Architecture in Helsinki – One Heavy February
03. Anya Marina – Waters of March

04. Simon & Garfunkel – April Will Come She Will
05. Alpha – May
06. Eberg – June

(♥) 07. The Decemberists – July, July
08. Rilo Kiley – August
09. Fiona Apple – Pale September

10.  Broken Bells – October
11. Azure Ray – November
12. Mazzy Star – Flowers in December

Bonus: 13. Stars – The Calendar Girl

Listen to the mix on 8tracks

Im such a dork. But it made for a funny little mix. And I kind of like it.

If you only have a few quick minutes for a tune, make it the one marked with a heart ♥: it’s my most loved song of the bunch.

Click images for sources.

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cam » 17 November 2011

this is so much fun, gonna check out my Bday Month Song for October! 😉


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Annika » November 17th, 2011

This isnt dorky at all! Its such a neat idea and this mix is a great way for me to start my November morning 🙂

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Ally » 17 November 2011

Love it! So awesome.

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Harriet » 17 November 2011

Oh you have some great songs on there! July July is one of my favourites so sunny and summery!

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Roselie » 19 November 2011

What a lovely idea! I really like this playlist!

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Audrey @ » 30 November 2011

Fantastic post! Love the photos and the tracks! x


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