Shimmer Like Gold

When Penny Stocks Climb

Online creditors offer a new way of quickly applying for money without most of the hassles. You will be able to easily get multiple lenders using the Internet. It will be possible to apply and submit the application in a matter of minutes and get authorization in as quick since 24 hours. With online creditors, you will be able to seek out the best discounts by utilizing free quotes to the loan you are looking for. Lenders with the Internet also offer the debt consolidation loans the ease of applying for loans from their own convenience and not associated with the lender.

Even though the price of silver is a lot, much, cheaper than precious metal, fast cash loans it’s getting to the point where it can become expensive for the small guy to purchase.

The particular related float problem is that will Market Professionals will market your stock short since it fluctuates around your two-dollar stock support price. Their particular short sales will help to increase your float and thus the expense of your definition of investor relations program.

The particular tech wreck is the latest example of this lesson, which usually googles investor relations never seem to find out. If you’re being told that the marketplace will perform in a way this never has in documented history, be extremely suspicious. If someone starts discussing a “new paradigm, inch takes your money and operate for the hills.

Easier to buy gold coins at a recognized value and sold or even used as currency. Nevertheless, condition is still a factor. The real content and purity from the gold in the coin advertisements to the speculation as to the worth. It’s not readily utilized as currency due to the fact that this face value doesn’t reveal its intrinsic value, therefore making it difficult to use to buy goods and services.

#2 – Have More Compared to One Resume. Each work you’re applying for is likely not the same as the last. They may be different businesses, roles, or job obligations. Be sure to take just a few mins before you apply to each work to highlight relevant products in your resume that you want the company to know about you, and the reason why your qualifications and encounter warrant an interview. As we grow older and have a broader history and knowledge, it becomes much more important to carefully choose plus emphasize essential qualifications to ensure that how well you match an individual opening isn’t hidden.

When I listen to this nonsense I begin to salivate on the short part. Always go the opposite method of the crowd. That was almost all hype on JPM getting caught short. The investor relations salary who bought this morning had been plainly fooled and required the bag from institutional smart money. Please, try not to be so dumb investor relationships salary! It drives me personally crazy. Learn the game. Being an expert trader and Main Market Strategist, I implore you all, do not apply for instant loan online get captured in the hype.

Lots of people keep an investment while it makes money, but once the time for you to leave comes, they simply don’t leave. They await things to get better, to change.

Put another way, when the heading gets tight, then the hard (wise) move to cash in the earliest opportunity. So consider, are you going to try and remain sensible, or do you want to risk as being a directionless hero? The choice will be yours, but I know exactly what I’m going to be doing.

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How To Trade Forex Effectively Without Going Broke

Most traders I talk with are panicking. Greece is a whole lot associated with trouble, and now it’s Italia that’s the primary concern since the interest rate on bonds today exceed 7 percent. Individuals now talk about a most likely bailout in Italy.

The currency exchange business model market (forex) is the largest market on earth. Much larger than the stock market! A few of the reasons for its popularity are usually that leverage allows optimum usage for your money and there is certainly very high liquidity. The forex market can also be open 24 hours a day, although some hrs are much better trading instances than others.

The how to start a currency exchange business in India to start a currency exchange business in India is made adequately fast learned through simple forex processes. It has simple trading platforms, four to become exact for traders to select from.

Use Google yet another favorite search engine to find home elevators brokers, so you’ll understand which ones are trustworthy plus which ones are deceptive. Fx forums are an excellent way to obtain information about brokers. Use this information to choose a good broker to enable you to avoid losing profits.

In currency exchange business franchise (FOREX), earnings are indicated in “pips”. Pip is usually short for Price Attention Point, also called points. While the smallest denomination in UNITED STATES DOLLAR is the penny ($. 01), in Currency Exchange, funds could be traded in an even smaller sized denomination, $0. 0001. Which means that very small movements in foreign currency prices can create substantial revenue.

Forex robot investing is very popular as brand new traders seek a big healthy income with no effort; these folks get blinded by avarice and don’t see the apparent good reason that these systems lose money. The particular claims of profit these types of systems make are absurd – better than the realms super traders (on multi-million Pound salaries) and all a person pay for the robot is really a couple of hundred dollars or even less. So why have all the particular world’s top traders not actually been sacked and changed by this money making devices?

You can find scams in the online foreign exchange trading entire world. It is important to look for a forex trade computer software that is available from reputable firms. The longer a system has been around the market, the more reliable the idea usually is. A good way to find a better system is to look for reviews from their users. I personally made over 8 times on my income using a Forex automated buying and selling robot.

Online Foreign Exchange Exchange Tips For Beginners

The entire process will be online, so there are no documents to worry about. No bank claims, no pay stubs, absolutely nothing. Everything can be completed on your own home computer. You don’t have to go out to some nine to five company, GreenDayOnline 🚥🚥 payday loans houston no checking account is available any moment, and there’s no credit check. In case you have bad credit or no credit score at all, that won’t keep you from being approved.

If you are planning to engage in forex trading for you to earn money, you will need to learn about it as much as is possible first. There are plenty of things you must consider. The currency market may be the place where traders business the currencies of various places with the help of brokers. These foreign currencies are continually bought and sold throughout the markets around the globe. And the motions of these currencies essentially depends on actual world occasions; thus, significantly affecting this investment of the traders.

This is why it is crucial for you to have satisfactory details and skills when you buy and sell in the currency market. There is computer software that is regularly called a currency exchange business model Trading Robot or Best forex robot. Commonly, Foreign exchange trading robots tell you the internet to conduct deals. It is more or less like employing a Foreign exchange (FOREX) broker but alternatively than a broker being a man it would be in a sort of a bit of software like Fap Turbocharged.

A bad credit merchant cash advance by Greendayonline website is also the particular fastest way to get operating capital. From start to complete, the entire process takes in regards to a week. That is a fraction of the period it takes for a bank to finance you.

Well, that’s merely for those who procrastinate and do absolutely nothing! But if you think you have got what must be done to become a foreign exchange trader yet have no idea how it’s carried out, visit and how to start a currency exchange business in India to start a currency exchange business in India investing website where you can read testimonials and blogs from investors all over the world. You’ll learn what you ought to learn in foreign exchange trading by means of this website. Excited? That’s not just about all, this website can also help you gain access to other websites and go through topics on anything regarding foreign exchange.

It is very important to have a very simple technique that you can apply each and every day for your routine. Most people don’t take the time to find a course or any some other instructions to really help all of them get a firm understanding of how you can properly trade.

Work out make fast easy cash online is with online Currency trading. This is one of the easiest income generating idea. Forex, which is a brief form of currency exchange business franchise, is an on the internet trading business that involves swapping particular currency with an additional currency. Before you start this business, you should research and analyze foreign currency trends, business, and political climates that are affecting particular currencies.

Try not to be in a hurry to recover your deficits. Instead, take the time to analyze your own trading strategy. This helps you to definitely keep off any achievable risks and from investing dangerously.

For those of you that don’t know, the following is an example of how the forex market functions. If one were to visit Europe from the United states of America, you would have to exchange your own US dollars into the Pounds. When you came back to the USA, you would then have to trade your Euros back to ALL OF US dollars. During the time you were on a break market news may have triggered the US dollar to improve against the Euro. Therefore, whenever exchanging your Euros to US dollars, you may have produced a bit of money.

Some websites offer the promise of being on the internet foreign exchange groups that can offer the opportunities you cannot afford. Be skeptical. Did an offer suddenly appear in your Spam box? Depart it there. There’s a cause it is called SPAM. Believe before you click. Would you provide these people your capital? Basically, you are. Spend time researching the particular movements and trends associated with legitimate traders. Make telephone calls and verify trade organizations. Make personal friends along with those who also invest in foreign currency. (Hey, a little competition is not so bad. ) Take time to know where your money is certainly going. Research wisely so you might invest wisely.


The majority of the images I use for this blog are not mine. I always do my best to credit the source when I know it. Many of the used images come from Tumblr or We Heart It, and often times, the origin of the image is unknown. Click on the images to view the original. No copyright infringement is intended. If one of the images I’ve used belongs to you and you would like it removed, please send me an e-mail and I will happily take it down.


Better late than never just been one of those days/weeks/months

This month I was

Listening to audiobooks by the hour! Ive become addicted to this fantasy series my friends and I were obsessed with in high school.i

Seeing in 20/20 vision! (I had lasik eye surgery.)

Eating my weight in sushi. Its my new addiction.

Papering the inside of my open shelving with $2 contact paper. I love it!

Coding like a geek-asaurus rex for a surprise later this week (hopefully).

Baking my very first batch of muffins from scratch. Raspberry & yoghurt muffins! They turned out yummy. Im proud of myself.

Playing Scrabble on my iPod Touch. Oh, the hours I have wiled away. (Scrabble is my favourite game of all time.)

Pouring over scores of design magazines that had formed a bit of a backlog over the summer.

Watching Sarahs House on HGTV Canada. Its the highlight of my entire week.

Feeling a wee-bit overwhelmed and frustrated with university at the moment. Please be winter break now.

Things That Made Me Happy This Month

Taping sheets of paper together.

Colouring in the walls on a printed out floor plan.

Relating to a fictional character.

Finishing a dreaded task sooner than projected.

Wearing my fluffy pink bunny slippers for the first time this season.

Rewatching an old favourite movie The Air I Breathe.

Jamming out to Aqua like it’s 1999.

Finding my way after getting lost.

Excitedly spazztastic e-mails.

Over the top moving Halloween decorations.

Hearing Joni Mitchell at a showroom.

The first falling leaf of autumn landing in my hair.

Feeling good about myself and my work out.

Staying up all night long and pouring over design magazines.

Fire crackers at 6:30 in the morning.

Love stories.

Playing with colours and shapes.

Exciting new projects finally entering the development phase.

Hilarious old childhood photos I’ve never seen before. (Involving me in a snow suit and a swarm of really fat cats.)

When I let my hair air dry and it goes just the right amount of wavey/curly.

Eating the noodles of my soup last.

Discussing design with my physiotherapist.

Conquering the scariness of eye drops.

Re-heated leftover Thanksgiving dinner.


Hot baths.

Doing homework with my mom (just like in elementary school…aw).

Playing Scrabble and making up hilarious words. (If you can come up with a definition, the word counts.)

Having my hair washed for me.

Having a hand to hold when I’m nervous/scared.

Solving a design problem that’s been troubling me for days.

When my brother’s cat meows at me through the door.

Overcoming minute and irrational fears.

Having my mind blown by an incredible and thought provoking movie. (see: Melancholia)

Follow along with my daily happiness filled exploits at This Is My Happy Face.

What tricks and treats did October bring you? And whos ready for November? Bring on the holidays! Sound off in the comments below. xo.

Click images for sources.

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  1. If youre in need of something à la Game of Thrones, check out the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. (»)


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naomi » 2 November 2011

how lovelylove this roundup :]

(reply to this comment)

cam » 2 November 2011

really waiting for the holidays to arrive, and hoping they will be peaceful and relaxed! 😉 xoxo

(reply to this comment)

Ally » 2 November 2011

October crawled and flew by, all at the same time. Cant wait for the holidays Im hoping for a relaxing holiday season this year but it seems unlikely with my job (yuck).
Cant wait for this surprise 😉 😀

(reply to this comment)

Mayumi » 3 November 2011

Im very happy that your eye surgery went well 🙂 Are you going to keep your glasses as a souvenir? They were Chanel if I remember correctly.

Sushi~ Ive never tasted it before since I want to try it before I visit Japan one day. But mom never lets me buy it 🙁 How does it taste like?

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

Good memory! They were Chanel! I still have them right now, but I dont think Ill keep them. I may try to sell them, but Ill probably just give them away. I already donated my other two pairs (sunglasses and an old pair).

Is it the uncooked fish that makes her nervous about sushi? If it is, maybe shed let you try something thats just veggie to start out? California rolls are kind of like your get your feet wet item with sushi.

(reply to this comment)

Mayumi » November 3rd, 2011

Ill try that. 🙂 Thanks, Krissy! 😀

(reply to this comment)

Bre » 3 November 2011

i wanna see the surrrrrpriiiiiiiiiiiiise!!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 4th, 2011

Soooooon, my pretty. 😉

(reply to this comment)


I interrupt our regular scheduled posting to bring you the cutest thing on the entire planet!

Im sorry, I couldnt resist. This is just WAY too cute. Seriously, how adorable is this little guy? I want to take him home and love him and cuddle him forever and ever and ever! ♥ Really, really not helping my desire to kidnap a koala to have for my own. Call me a nutter, but I actually resized all the open windows on my laptop screen this morning so that he could sit in an open window that I could see all. day. long. Those eyes! I just melt.

Never has a GIF (or any picture, really) made me smile bigger than this little guy. I love him. I wish you could carry GIFs around in your pocket. Because I would.

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Things That Make Me Happy on January 1, 2010
(Images via WeHeartIt) Snow. Lots and lots of snow. The kind you can make snowmen out of. Baking…
This is a koala appreciation post. Why? Because they’re super duper cute and I want to have one (or maybe…
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Harpers Bazaar China Haute Couture Spring 2011 ( and a small favour)
My dearest readers, might I be able to ask a small favour of you? (Insert eyelash batting here.) I’ve…


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Joy » 3 November 2011


(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

RIGHT?! Im mesmerized by how flippin adorable it is! Ive been staring at him all day.

(reply to this comment)

Ally » 3 November 2011

So flippin adorable. I wish we could carry GIFs around in our pockets as well.

(reply to this comment)

Gloria » 3 November 2011

Beyond adorable! His furry little face is putting me into a cute-overload trance 🙂

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 3rd, 2011

Cute over-load trance is the best way to describe it! Im completely mesmerized from him. I have to keep coming back here to Awwww! every few minutes.

(reply to this comment)

Crissy » 4 November 2011

Seriously, your new life mission must be going back to Australia to get one (and another for me). They sleep all the time, it shouldnt be too difficult to just climb a tree and grab one XD

(reply to this comment)

Jennifer » November 4th, 2011

I live in Australia, and have interacted with koalas many a time. Just so you know, like almost all native Australian animals, koalas are fairly vicious if you try to touch them, and are not nearly as cute as they look.

Also, koalas are unfortunately under attack increasingly in the past few years. Many wildlife centres in Australia have been taking in koalas that have been shot or hurt severely by humans some of them, it is believed, because they were attempting to take koalas out of their natural habitat, and did not expect the koalas to fight back.

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 5th, 2011

Hey Jennifer! I actually just spent 3 months abroad in Australia and got to visit quite a few conservation centers to see these lovely creatures. It breaks my heart a little bit that theyre so endangered as theyre one of my favourite animals. Ive always wanted to sponsor one so hopefully someday when I can afford it, Ill be able to so I can call a koala my own. (sort of, haha.)

(reply to this comment)


Barbie was my favourite toy growing up. I liked picking out her snappy outfits as much as the next person, but it was setting up elaborate houses for her from boxes and pillows and my nightstand drawers that tickled my fancy. Now that I think about it, I dont recall ever really playing with my Barbies (aside from one or two or twenty Ninja Turtle invasions from my brother), but I do remember spending hours painstakingly setting up the perfect home for Barbie, Ken, Skipper and Kelly. That was my idea of fun. I hope that makes it acceptable for me to be madly in love with these darling dollhouses designed by Miniio. Not only are these houses aesthetically pleasing, decked out in their stylin mid-century modern furnishings, but theyre also eco-friendly using locally sourced materials and sustainable resources. Now thats what I call a dream house. Barbie never had it so good!

The raw natural textures, liberal use of white, and modern architecture have me seriously envying Barbies new digs. She even has a Pantone chair! So jealous. Hey, Christmas (and my birthday) is around the corner Santa, if youre listening, my inner 8-year-old would be bouncing off the walls if I woke up to one of these in my stocking.

Images via The Huffington Post & Miniio.

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I Heart Barbie Dream House
I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. I’ve compiled a playlist in my iTunes of music from the 90’s…
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Bre » 5 November 2011

yeah, id live in that. 😉

(reply to this comment)

Annika » 5 November 2011

What a cute idea! Barbie is so style and modern these days!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 5th, 2011

She really is! Im jealous! Everything was so pink when I was young. (And I made a conscious effort to hate pink as a child. :P)

(reply to this comment)

Morag Lee » 5 November 2011

I love the way the Barbie is posed in these pictures!

I was however one of those girls who had LOADS of Barbies but never a doll house. Maybe one day

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 5th, 2011

I never had a house either. My best friend did and I was SO enthralled by it. I still loved my boxes since I could make rooms whatever size I wanted, but they werent nearly as pretty looking as the real doll houses.

(reply to this comment)

Ally » 5 November 2011

OMG, love! I was obsessed with my Barbies (and setting up their homes too) my inner 8 year old self would love this, as well.

(reply to this comment)

Caity » 6 November 2011

Oh my gosh! I want to play with barbies again! Seriously, that is actually an amazing house! My grandpa built me a dollhouse when I was a kid and it was modelled after my own house. That was pretty amazing, as well.

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 6th, 2011

How cool that you had a doll house modeled after your own house! Do you still have that dollhouse? Ill bet its a pretty treasured family item now especially since it was made just for you.:)

(reply to this comment)

Caity » November 7th, 2011

It is in my parents attic. It was definitely something special but as a kid I played with it a lot so it is definitely worn. <3

(reply to this comment)

Harriet » 6 November 2011

Those dolls houses are amazing! Definitely too cool for children I want one!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 6th, 2011

Way too cool for kids! Im sure very few would appreciate the architecture and design here. But maybe for those that didnt, it might help cultivate good taste? Whoooo knows. I just know I want one. I cant have my real dream house, so Im going to replace that desire with a doll house for the time being. 😉

(reply to this comment)


01. Loving the vibrant colours and smokey effects of this photoshoot. (Warning: NSFW.)
02. Furniture Men Hate provides a real chuckle. Even funnier is the response from her husband!
03. A tutorial to make a quilt like one (Ive been lusting over for over a year) at Anthropologie.
04. 55 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Yourself When Youre Busy, Busy, Busy. If you click only one link today, make it this one. Marthes list is filled with inspiration, wisdom and fantastic insight!

05. Mallory has opened a new blog showcasing her vintage book collection. (This post of handmade houses is just one of the awesome books shes scanned and shared thus far.)

06. Type created by the prick of a pin. So cool.
07. Paint your own watercolour pixel art.
08. How Blogging Became My Boyfriend. Hilarious because its true.

09. Your weekly dose of architecture Im crushin on. This time, the Barcode House.
10. The Girls with Glasses love hats. I love them.
11. Wildfox has an adorable kids clothing line complete with cute animal illustrations.
12. These rainbow polka dot heels are seriously lust-inspiring.

Busy, busy, busy is definitely the name of my game lately. I dont know where my time disappears to! But in my spare moments, Ive still made sure to visit my favourite blogs, and here are just some of the awesome things from around the web these last two weeks. Until next time, peace out girl scouts. xo.

Follow links for image sources.

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A Few Lovely Links
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Fashion Studio Concept Development
When last I checked in, I’d mentioned an exciting project I was working on for university: designing…


5 comments · JUMP TO COMMENT FORM »

Ally » 6 November 2011

Im really happy I just bought some new watercolour paints and paper on Friday cant wait to try that pixel art. So pretty.

(reply to this comment)

Caity » 6 November 2011

Oh my gosh these are awesome finds. I love blogging is my boyfriend and the furniture men hate.

(reply to this comment)

Kimberley » 7 November 2011

Wow, those rainbow heels are exquisite. Must have now! 😉 x

(reply to this comment)

cam » 7 November 2011

lovely links, once again

love love the Quilt Tutorial, always wanted to start one! fabulous, thanks sweets! x

(reply to this comment)

Brandy » 9 November 2011

I love all of your finds, especially the How Blogging Became My Boyfriend. Definitely made me chuckle, because I could agree to almost all of those points.

Im not sure whats attracting me to those rainbow heels, the boys, or the rainbow polka dots.

(reply to this comment)



So. Who wants to give me $3.75 million dollars? Its for a good cause! The Krissy-needs-to-own-this-townhouse cause. This townhouse (belonging to the one and only Jenna Lyons, creative director and president of J.Crew) is up for sale. And I kind of want it x a lot because Ive been on the envy train for aaaaages. Its been in my folder called Dream Houses swoon! for as long as I can remember. (No lies, I actually have a folder on my computer called that. Its the best folder known to man-kind.)

Its just such a gorgeous townhouse inside and out, its almost mind-bogglingly perfect. From that architecturally gorgeous (white, bonus!) exterior and the beautiful blossom filled backyard (with concrete paving stones which are my FAVOURITE thing in the entire world when it comes to outdoor spaces)

check out that stunning minimal industrial-feel kitchen (mmm, concrete counter tops)

the delicious black coated bedroom and enjoining master bath

the entire-room-is-a-closet room! (Do the shoes come with the purchase of the home? Pleasepretty?)

and, of course, my FAVOURITE room in the entire house, the living room! That chandelier! That couch! That rug! The moldings! The fireplace! Everything!!

Wistful sigh. Yeah, I just really love this place. Its perfect. And Im jealous of whoever gets to live in it post-Lyons.

Most of the images in this post via Fashionologie. Some are from my own archives from aaaaages ago back before I even started my blog, so unfortunately, no source. I want to say theyre from Domino though.

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Mixology How To Be An Explorer Of The World
I feel a little bit like I’m in a transition phase. Part of my mind is still back in Australia adventuring…
Guest Post: Marthes Summer Reading List
When Krissy requested guest posts, I knew exactly what kind of post I wanted to do. A while back, Krissy…
Where I Live
Hey dudes! You should probably head on over to Moxee today (Bre’s awesomesauce blog). It’s a favourite…
Leopard Print
They say inspiration comes in every shape and form, and can find you in even the most unlikely of places….


10 comments · JUMP TO COMMENT FORM »

Ally » 9 November 2011

Can we be room mates?! Split the cost? lol
It is so pretty. Sigh.

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 9th, 2011

Brilliant! YES! Lets do this! I like the sound of $1.875 million 😉

(reply to this comment)

cam » 9 November 2011

what gorgeous interior design and love love the closet! 😉

(reply to this comment)

Joy » 9 November 2011

All the different rooms look amazing 🙂 I feel so inspired.

(reply to this comment)

♡hellovanny // WEEKLINKS » 9 November 2011

[…] This amazing townhouse. […]

Daphne » 9 November 2011

Ill go in on the split. Surely $1m-ish each is very affordable.

I saw this in the news and I think I actually drooled. Its so gorgeous, I really wish I could afford it!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Sounds like a plan! 😉

(reply to this comment)

Vixel » 9 November 2011

Oh wow, that is a beautiful home. I love to see black-painted rooms that work, it would have made my teenage goth past-self feel gloriously vindicated!

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Absolutely! I love that black is becoming a more accepted colour choice nowadays.

(reply to this comment)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} » 9 November 2011

Oh I want it too. Do you think shed leave it furnished if I paid her some extra Monopoly money (cause thats all I have).

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

Youre got a one up on me; I dont even have Monopoly money!

(reply to this comment)

Hannah » 9 November 2011

Ill be your roommate! 😉 Seriously, that is gorgeous.

(reply to this comment)

fifth floor apartment » 11 November 2011

HOLY MOLY. can i move in with you?

xo Alison

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 11th, 2011

The more the merrier!

(reply to this comment)

Aurelia » 3 December 2011

Just discovering your blog and really like it ! Good photos, great writing, nice work !
follow you now.

(reply to this comment)



Oh, you know, just some end of the week sparkle for no other reason than I like sparkley things. And Im shameless in my constant search for all that glitters. Like thats any surprise

More of the non-sparkley-but-still-equally-as-pretty here.

Images via Purse n Boots.

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CATEGORY: fashion photography & editorials » TAGS: editorials, fashion & style, sparkley things


Joyeux Noël
By nature, I’m a very festive person. I love the holidays. All of them, not just Christmas. Yup, I’m…
I ♥ Reem Acra (Pre-Fall 2010)
I hope everybody’s having a great holiday season! If yours has been anything like mine, then you’ll understand…
A Handful of Lovely Videos
Time for a great, big, lovely videos dump! I haven’t gushed over recent favourites in a long, long time…
Live The Language, Sydney
Excuse me while I bask in nostalgia for a few minutes here. I really miss Sydney. Sometimes it’s still…


5 comments · JUMP TO COMMENT FORM »

Ally » 11 November 2011


(reply to this comment)

cam » 12 November 2011

ok, kriss.. now this is a bit spooky! 😉

just had those images bookmarked and for a posting myself! now I can just link them to your beautiful post! xoxo

(reply to this comment)

Krissy » November 12th, 2011

Haha, really? What a coincidence, indeed! I say post anyway because theyre super duper pretty images and everyone needs to see them. 😀

(reply to this comment)

Caity » 12 November 2011

Awesome images! I also love sparkles and glitter. The one with the stars on her hand are really cool.

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Harriet » 13 November 2011

Oh glitter. Why must you be so sparkly and addictive?

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J. » 13 November 2011

OOOHHH! This makes me want very shiny holidays RIGHT NOW!

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