What are good debts and bad debts?

At first glance, all debts seem to be bad. But it is not like that, the debts can be cataloged in 2 ways and everything depends on the utility that this has in your finances


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Personal finances are still an unexplored world and very few people recognize the importance of having total control over finances. It is for this reason that many times you get involved in money problems that you have no idea of ​​when they appeared and that, in addition, you do not know how to make them disappear.

This is why, often, when you have a problem with money, the first solution that comes to mind is: lend, whatever amount, with anyone (Read: 5 tips to pay your debts easily). The important thing is to have the money you can to pay off the debt that is pressing you at that precise moment.

Lending is not bad, nor do we want you to see this solution as a ghost that you have to fight, but, on the contrary, it is an effective option, that you must learn to manage and control it so that the results you are looking for are even better than what you think (Lee: How to apply for smart loans?)

Today we want to talk about what are good debts and what are bad debts, all in order to have more tools when deciding and be more aware of the decisions you make when it comes to your finances, remember that, from the balance of these, much of your stability depends. Read carefully what we will tell you next:

What are bad debts?

While you can not see the debts as your worst enemy, if you must bear in mind that it is this type of debt that makes you poorer, they take you out of a hurry, but they still represent a latent expense for you.

Bad debts are those purchases that you make on impulse and without necessity, but when you can not pay them immediately, you decide to finance them or ask for them on credit to pay them off little by little, without looking at the interest and the amount of time that will take you settle the total of this obligation.

These debts have one thing in common: they have no return for you and they do not serve you at all, except to give you headaches and cause you worry when the payment date approaches.

What do we recommend? Before acquiring a debt for clothes, trips, household items and so on, think about whether it is really necessary to do it or if on the contrary you can wait and through savings to acquire them so it takes a little more time (Lee: 2 effective methods for save a million pesos in a short time).

What are good debts?

Parallel to the bad debts, you find the good debts, which are those debts that, yes generate returns to your economy and that alone, can be paid with tranquility, because you have destined them to something that will surely have a result in the time that you It will be very favorable.

The good debts are those that you acquire to invest in a good that will last in time, for example: a house, a business, among others. And that, in addition, they can be used by themselves to pay the loan that you acquired to obtain it.

These debts can be grouped within a single word that defines them exactly: investment, and is that easily a house to put it in rent, easily begins to pay for itself the money from the debt you purchased to buy it, and with the business, something similar happens, since this will generate profits that will allow you to pay off the debt in its entirety.

Something you must keep in mind, is that in Rapicredit, through our free destination credits, you can invest your credit in what is most profitable for your finances, choosing the date in which you want to pay and always having an available quota your disposal.

Before acquiring a new debt, keep in mind if this is good or bad for your pocket, so you can avoid future headaches, and also help you to be more aware of the decisions you make and that sometimes affect you so badly.

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Differences between a retirement plan and a pension plan


In principle a retirement plan may seem the same as a pension plan, because both are a complement to the pension, and both will allow us to live the retirement with more relief.

But in reality they are two different products , with different characteristics and ways of working .

– By its nature: A retirement plan is actually an insurance, and in fact is managed through insurance companies. In contrast, a pension plan is a financial savings product in which we make contributions that we can rescue at the time of retirement.

– For the rescue: The rescue is different: in the case of the retirement plan, this can be rescued at any time, provided that we meet the conditions we have agreed. If not, a penalty would be paid. For its part, the pension plan can only be redeemed at the time of retirement, except in some exceptional cases in which it could be redeemed earlier .

– Due to the profitability / risk ratio: As it is not a financial product, the profitability of the retirement plan is not as high as that of the pension plan. In this aspect, a plan is more attractive, but being a financial product that depends to a large extent on the progress of the markets, it also entails greater risk, especially in variable income plans.

Find the pension plan that best suits your savings needs: access the BBVA catalog

Find the pension plan that best suits your savings needs: access the BBVA catalog

– Taxation: deduction in the Income Tax Return. Unlike the pension plan, the retirement plan is not deductible. But although it does not deduct, by redeeming the retirement plan we will only pay for the interests that the plan has generated (those that we have previously paid in installments).

Retirement plan or pension plan? And why do not you ask us? If you have more questions or want to deepen, do not hesitate to contact us ; at BBVA we will be happy to advise you.


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Monet and Boudin: disciple and teacher meet at Thyssen

Claude Monet. Brazo del Sena cerca de Vétheuil, 1878

Claude Monet. Arm of the Seine near Vétheuil, 1878 (Arm of the Seine near Vétheuil). Oil on canvas. 60×80 cm Pérez Simón Collection, Mexico. Photograph by Arturo Piera. CLAUDE MONET

It was the year 1920 when Claude Monet (Paris, 1840 – Giverny, 1926) recognized his biographer Gustave Geffroy: “I have said it and I repeat it: I owe everything to Boudin” . The relationship between both artists had arisen fortuitously in 1856 in the Gravier stationery in Le Havre. Monet was barely 16 years old but Boudin appreciated his incipient talent as a cartoonist and encouraged him to broaden his scope by studying and painting at his side.

Eugène Boudin (Honfleur, 1824 – Deauville, 1898) was, on the other hand, one of the most outstanding representatives of the French open-air painting of the mid-nineteenth century and a self-taught artist who had learned by copying the Dutch masters 17th century.

Although Monet’s family did not approve of this relationship (because Boudin came from a low social class), finally student and teacher met, initiating a relationship that would last for life (albeit with some ups and downs) and giving the opportunity to Monet to start painting landscapes in plein air and capture in a unique way the brightness of the day. It could be said that, in a certain way, Boudin is a precursor of impressionism , since he would be able to inculcate to his disciple many of the secrets that would lay the foundations and take this movement to the highest levels.


To better understand this relationship, the Thyssen Museum has just opened Monet / Boudin , a monographic exhibition that offers, for the first time, the opportunity to discover not only the great influence that Boudin played in learning Monet but also reviews their respective careers and the origins of impressionism.

The exhibition, which can be visited until September 30, brings together a hundred works by both authors, of which “between 75 and 80 percent had never been seen in Spain,” says the curator of the same Juan Ángel López-Manzanares, since “Boudin is very little known in Spain”.

A juicy and valuable selection, since Monet “is one of the most desired figures by all the museums in the world,” says the artistic director of the museum Guillermo Solana, with loans from well-known art galleries such as the Musée d’Orsay de Paris, the National Gallery of London, the Metropolitan of New York or the National Museum of Belas Artes of Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout a chronological and thematic tour divided into eight chapters , the exhibition delves into those common points and artistic interests that kept them together for decades: the seascapes (Boudin was, in fact, the son of a sailor), the beach scenes in Trouville with its harbor and the docks, the views of the cliffs of Normandy and the Brittany coasts, the influence of luminosity of the Mediterranean, the studies of the sky in pastel (Monet came to perform more than a hundred throughout his career that helped him to rehearse the variations of light and color) or the variations (also called series) on a single motif in different environmental and lighting conditions.

In gratitude to everything learned at his side, Monet would invite his teacher in 1874 to participate in the first impressionist exhibition . The relationship would cool down by the end of that decade but both would always retain mutual admiration. After the death of Boudin in 1898, Monet would be part of the committee that organized his great posthumous exhibition. I would always appreciate being the first to recognize his talent.

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Federal Court of Justice judgment on terminated home savings contracts: Bauspar, remains prudent

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has declared that the unilateral

termination of Bauspar contracts of Bausparkassen that are subject to rationing is lawful. Bausparers may therefore be terminated contracts if they could retrieve their loan for at least ten years. In recent years, it has been estimated that more than 250,000 Bauspar contracts have been terminated by the Bausparkasse. Once again so many could follow.

But even if the excitement around the current BGH verdict is great: It creates clarity. Building society savers, whose contracts are less than ten years ready for rendition, now know when to expect a termination . Until then, it makes sense to optimize your home savings contract and secure the highest possible interest rates. For Bauspar, whose contract has already been terminated or are now threatened with termination, there is at least one small hope.

When can the Bauspar contract be terminated?

When can the Bauspar contract be terminated?

The BGH ruling now makes it clearer when building societies may resort to termination in order to get rid of old, in their view, expensive Bauspar contracts. Even before the decision of the Karlsruhe judges it was indisputable that contracts may be terminated, in which the Bauspar was completely saved . The same applies now for at least ten years rearing Bauspar contracts . If the ten years have not been reached, the provider may not terminate. As reported by the consumer center Baden-Württemberg, however, Aachener Bausparkasse is terminating contracts that are not yet ten years ready for rationing, and this is justified by a “disruption of the business basis”. At least the Consumer Center does not accept this argument.

Small chance for contracts advertised as pure investment

Small chance for contracts advertised as pure investment

For Bausparer, whose contract was advertised as a “return hit” and sold, grants consumer advocate Niels Nauhauser opportunities to defend against termination by legal process. However, there must be appropriate documentation. “In all other cases, it is now difficult,” he said after the BGH judgment.

Customers who can no longer use their contract as a lucrative investment, should consider how they want to continue to invest the disbursed home savings . If this has been planned for retirement and retirement is already close, for example, there is the possibility to arrange an immediate pension. A secure investment opportunity also offers a time deposit account. Since there are large interest rate differentials, it makes sense to compare different offers.

Get lots of interest from existing home savings contracts

Get lots of interest from existing home savings contracts

Every home loan saver with an older contract should now check whether and since when this rendition is ready , so the loan could be retrieved. If there is still time left until the ten-year period, it is advisable to make intensive use of the savings agreement . To get the most out of the interest, customers can check if they are paying more into the contract. It is important, however, not to save the contract fully, otherwise he could be terminated again.

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The most requested personal loans in 2016 have been earmarked for reforms

The most requested personal loans in 2016 have been earmarked for reforms

When we decide to apply for personal loans , we can do it for several reasons. In the first place to have an extra money because we are in a delicate economic time or to allocate the capital to a specific project such as buying a vehicle, carrying out a reform at home, refinancing debts or paying for studies, among others. However, according to the Personal Loan Barometer prepared by BigBank, 50.9% of the loans granted by that entity were destined to carry out a reform , followed by the 18.6% that decided to request them to buy a new car.

The best credits to carry out a reform

The best credits to carry out a reform

In the current market we have a great variety of personal loans that we can use to carry out a reform in our home. Probably, the first option that comes to mind is to go to our bank, because they have our data, they know our profile and, therefore, we think that they will grant us a good financing.

However, many personal bank loans usually include opening or study fees and the hiring of linked products that will increase the price considerably. For this reason, in the following table we show 3 consumer credits that are free of these charges and, furthermore, have interests below the average published by the Bank of Spain:

Entity Amount TAE characteristics I’m interested
ING Orange Loan € 60,000 From 6,11% APR
  • It has no commissions
  • Without link
  • Immediate pre-approval
Apply for
Cofidis Project Credit € 15,000 From 5.06% APR
  • Does not include commissions
  • No linked products
  • In 24 hours after approval
Apply for
Personal loan from Cetelem € 50,000 From 7,18% APR
  • No commissions
  • Does not require linking
  • Money in 48 hours
Apply for

As we can see, the full cost of these products appears directly in the variable TAE. In fact, the entities that market them will allow us to use the online simulators of their web pages without any cost or commitment.

Thanks to these tools, we will be able to know the monthly cost that we will pay for personal loans and how much will be the final amount. For this, we will only have to select the amount of money we need and the term in which we will return it. The simulator will automatically calculate the price of the credit 

Main purposes for which the loans are used

As we have already mentioned, personal loans can be requested for a large number of purposes. In fact, depending on the one we choose, the product conditions may vary and we will benefit more or less.

Next, we explain what are some of the main purposes for which personal credits are requested :

  1. Reforming the home : as we have said, it is usually one of the main purposes for which loans are requested.
  2. Buy a vehicle : the price of a new car is usually quite high, so a loan can be very useful to deal with it.
  3. To finance some studies : the economic level of the students is not usually very high, reason why the credits can be of great help in these cases. In addition, they tend to have lower interest rates and can request grace periods.
  4. Debt reunification : if we are in a situation where we have several outstanding debts, we can use personal loans to unite them and have a single monthly payment.

These are usually the main ones, but loans are also requested for medical needs that are not covered by social security, to face taxes, etc.

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Construction Difficult Money Funding For Agents

So let’s take a look at a typical student debt to assist example. Let’s say your personal credit card debt costs you 7. 9% APR, while your education loan costs perhaps 3% APRIL.

Not so much, perhaps, with the girl first putt, which emerged up short. Sperandio after that chipped to within regarding 15 feet and steadily split the center of the glass with her par putt. Kuong made her putt and remained one-up.

Know your banks. Almost all banks have money plus make loans but not to any or all comers. Some banks are usually retail or consumer banking institutions and some banks are centered on commercial lending. Some banks tend to be more aggressive than others and several banks specialize in specific industrial sectors. Find the banks that are thinking about businesses like you and go after relationships with them.

Stepping outside of the office offers additional opportunities for creating offs. Every time you get inside your car and drive to some home, condo, commercial estate loan real small great deal or any other work-related location, you are covering miles that could be written off. Keep track of the particular odometer. The miles from your home to homeowners or even a seller’s will add up rapidly: Texas is a big condition; Austin is a big town. You’ll be surprised how much you are able to deduct come tax time.

I’ve been in real-estate for nearly a decade and have already been involved in hundreds of transactions. All through this time I have never noticed a four-line stability sheet. On the flipping displays, you see four items: Price, Budget (Repairs), Total Expense, and Sales Price. The particular investor buys a house, will get a repair budget, can make improvements, and sale sit down for a profit. This gives the particular false impression that real estate investing requires no financial planning, simply simple adding and subtracting. When in fact, there are countless cost expenses you need to consider prior to making a real estate investment loans. Purchasing real estate short-term makes the offer that much more speculative every expense should be looked at having a microscope.

Someone at the lender’s workplace now gathers up each one of these reports from you and the lender’s own experts and transmits a package to the lender’s underwriting unit. That’s where they will decide whether to do your own deal or not.

Of all of the options, when you have to choose in between repaying credit card debt or an education loan, it’s usually cheapest and almost usually safest to focus on repaying your own credit card debt first.

The president of Invercaria did not know the "debt" of González's nephew with this company after a loan

It attributes to an “error” the fact that, in the lists of diets, Cristóbal Cantos appears eating the same day in two different places

It attributes to an "error" the fact that, in the lists of diets, Cristóbal Cantos appears eating the same day in two different places


The president of Invercaria, Francisco Álvaro Julio, has declared this Wednesday as a witness before the judge that investigates the irregularities in this public venture capital investment company and has assured that “at the time he had no knowledge” of the “debt” that Juan María González Mejías, nephew of the former President of the Government Felipe González, kept with Invercaria after it had granted him a loan.

In this way, the president of Invercaria since February 21, 2012 has shown that “has been aware” of this “debt” that the nephew of Felipe González -imputed in the case after being crossed out by the Police ” ghost worker “or” intruder “- maintained with Invercaria” when he examined the documentation to provide it “to the Court of Instruction number 16 of Seville.

According to the minutes of his statement, which has been accessed by Europa Press, Francisco Álvaro Julio has said that “there is another case of an Invercaria worker who, upon cessation of his employment relationship, continues to have a debit for a salary advance granted by Invercaria” , stating that this person “is working for the IDEA agency as administrative” and “is paying that debt”.


In this sense, the president of Invercaria has told the judge, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, that “he only knows that assumption”, since “the normal thing is that the loan or advance payment is settled or an agreement is reached in the case of that person continue working in the agency IDEA, because if it should not have been amortized “.

According to a police report, the nephew of Felipe González signed in 2005 his contract as Director of Promotion for which he corresponded 61,000 euros per year, after which on October 10, 2007 he sent an email addressed to former president of Invercaria Tomás Pérez -Sauquillo and the financial director, Antonio Garrido, “in which he communicates his intention to terminate the company”.

After that, the settlement that was paid and the payroll of October amounted to 26,540.08 euros, also highlighting the cancellation of a personal loan amounting to 26,500 euros, all of which led the Police to conclude that “the amount paid by Invercaria in concept of overtime and settlement without any documentary support of both concepts is really for the forgiveness “of the loan” granted with public money from Invercaria “.


Invercaria “has not invested since 2011″

<strong>Invercaria "has not invested since</strong> 2011"

In his statement, the witness also pointed out that Invercaria “since 2011 does not really invest”, so his activity “is management and support services”, and has opined that “for his knowledge of the world of risk capital the level The success of Invercaria is similar to at least the rest of the companies that are dedicated to the same activity and even think that with more success than other analogous societies of the public sector and even of capital of private origin “.

After indicating that this company “is autonomous and governed by the decisions of its own council”, Francisco Álvaro Julio has alluded to a series of reports requested to a professor in order to “see the impact of the activity of Invercaria from its constitution to the 2009 “from the point of view” of an independent expert “and” before the situation that was occurring of doubts about the public company with financial activity from the public sphere “.

The witness stated that “the conclusions were that, initially, Invercaria was in a normal situation, that the percentage of accounting failures was assumable within the venture capital activity and that the number of investments in relation to other companies of venture capital was very high, especially in relation to startup investments or seeds “, concluding that” the activity and management of Invercaria was normal “.


Cristóbal chants

<strong>Crist&oacute;bal chants</strong>

In another point of his statement, he has been shown two lists of diets corresponding to the former director of Invercaria Cristóbal Cantos Promotion and according to which he was having lunch on April 14, 2009 in two different places, specifically in Seville and Cordoba , to which the witness has replied that “ignores the reason for possible discrepancies between the two lists” although “it may be a mere error”.

About the company International Virtual Trade Fairs of Andalusia SL (FIVA), the president of Invercaria has indicated that he knew that, prior to the General Meeting of Members of July 11, 2013, the rest of the participants were informed of the resignation as counselor and chairman of the board of directors of Invercaria in Fiva “, all in order to” try to unblock the situation, taking out Invercaria, and try to get the partners to get a regularization, put a normal situation of that society facing the Mercantile Registry and order society. “

Also, and in relation to the designer from Juana Martín, has indicated that, upon taking possession of his position as president of Invercaria, he dispatched “in a generic way” with his predecessor, Laura Gómiz, with the objective of analyzing “the situation of the investment in Juana Martín Andalucía “.

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BBVA Accident Insurance


BBVA Accident Insurance

The peace of mind that you are protected by accident insurance at a very affordable price.

  • Simple and immediate contracting .
  • Two guarantees: death and compensation for assistance (hospitalization) in case of accident.

Apply for

  • Coverages
  • Requirements
  • Other data of interest

The coverages offered by the insurance are the following:

Death of the Insured derived from Accident – Capital: € 22,500 – Period of compensation to beneficiaries: if the death occurs during the 2 years counting from the moment of the accident.
Death of the Insured derived from Circulation Accident (Double Capital) – Capital: € 45,000 – Covers death as a driver or passenger of a car, moped up to 125cc or quad or as a public land transport user. – Accident as a pedestrian caused by a vehicle. – Period: during the year following the date of the loss.
Death of the Cónyugue derived from Circulation Accident (Triple Capital) – Capital: € 67,500 – It must be the same traffic accident in which the insured has died. – Period: during the year following the date of the loss.
Daily compensation for Hospitalization due to Accident (provided it is due to an accident covered by this insurance) – Compensation: € 11.25 per day. – From the first day, for hospitalizations over 96 hours in hospitals located in Spain. – Period: 365 days from the day of admission.

What requirements are necessary to contract the insurance?

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • The maximum age of permanence is 70 years.

What other information should you know?

  • Cost: € 52 per year.
  • It has a single contract capital of € 22,500.
  • It is an annual and renewable insurance.

Insurance company

BBVA Seguros, SA, of Insurance and Reinsurance, registered in the Registry of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the key C-502.


BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERATOR OF BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, SA registered in the Special Administrative Register of Insurance Mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV-0060. Agreed Civil Liability Insurance and has financial capacity.

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New and controversial step in the expensive path towards European university integration




Several students take an exam at the University of Barcelona (UB). EFE

The Council of Ministers approved this Friday, through a royal decree, a controversial reform of the university system with the aim of “flexibilizing” the degree structure in the Spanish university and bringing it closer to the prevailing model in Europe.

The new system will look more like the one that exists in most European countries, but students, teachers and trade unions fear that its implementation will mean, in the end, a more chaotic and, above all, more expensive university.

Spanish university fees are already among the highest in the continent: university degrees are the eighth most expensive in the European Union, and master’s degrees, the seventh most expensive, according to the report Study in Europe: tuition fees and scholarships in European universities, prepared by the Observatory of the University System and published in 2012.


Since the implementation of the Bologna Plan in Spain, just four years ago, all university degrees , with some specific exceptions, such as Medicine, have the same structure that totals 300 credits, and that is divided into four years of degree (240 credits) and one, optional, of a master’s degree (60 credits). The formula is known as 4 + 1. In most of Europe, however, the system is different, with an option of three years of degree and two of masters (3 + 2) .

The new royal decree allows universities to freely choose the formula they prefer. What the new royal decree allows is that Spanish universities can freely choose the formula they prefer: 4 + 1, 3 + 2 or anyone who adds 300 credits.

However, not in all cases in which the degrees are reduced to three years the masters will become two. A fork is established that goes from 180 to 240 credits in the degrees, and, as a minimum, all the contents that form part of the basic competences defined for each of the academic itineraries must be taught.

The reform supposes an important correction of the option chosen at the time by Spain to apply the Bologna Plan. These are the keys of the road traveled to here, both in our country and in other European countries:

A common structure

Since the adoption of the Lisbon Recognition Convention in 1997, drawn up by Unesco and the Council of Europe, the various systems of European university degrees have been harmonized through the gradual implementation of the Bologna Plan , and according to a common system of three levels: degree (equivalent, in general, to the old degree in Spain), master’s and doctorate.

The Bologna Declaration was an initiative originally signed in this northern Italian city, on June 19, 1999, by 29 European countries : all those that made up then the European Union, Spain included, and others belonging to the European Free Space Trade and east and center of the continent. With the signing of this Declaration, the so-called Bologna Process, or Bologna Plan, was adopted , which has subsequently been shaped by various changes and the inclusion of more states, through various agreements.

A total of 47 countries have signed the Bologna Plan, although not all of them have begun to be applied.

The objective of the Bologna Process is to carry out a profound reform of the university system in Europe, through the construction of the so-called European Higher Education Area (EHEA), designed from the Anglo-Saxon model and organized according to the treaty itself, taking into account principles of quality, mobility, diversity and competitiveness. In this sense, the Plan aims to achieve full student mobility within the continent and the homogenization of higher education in Europe, thus facilitating validation and, ultimately, improving job opportunities.

Fundamentally, Bologna introduced a new system of credits and degrees, a new financing of studies and more mobility for students, teachers, researchers and administration and services personnel.

Many Spanish cities were the scene of demonstrations and confinements against the Bologna Plan In Spain, the Organic Law of Universities (LOU) of 2001 was modified in April 2007 by the then Socialist Government, and that same year the new Ordination of Teachings was approved University.

“Mercantilization” of the university

Against the reform promoted by the Bologna Plan, not only the students, but also professors and politicians manifested themselves in the first years of its implementation. Madrid, Barcelona and many other Spanish cities were the scene of demonstrations and confinements against the new model.

For the students, the convergence to the EHEA was nothing more than a commercial reconversion of the university . They spoke of “privatization” and “mercantilization” of the Spanish university system, and rejected the substitution of degrees by degrees.

With respect to the new degrees, those who opposed the Plan denounced that the increase in the economic cost necessary to obtain the second cycle would result in an elitization of the University, since not all students could afford it.

In general, the detractors of the Process point out that the supposed positive objective of creating a common educational space hides the idea of ​​turning the European university into a quarry for large companies, leaving aside its role as a place of human formation and development, and becoming a mere factory of valid individuals for the labor market.

The defenders of the Bologna Plan, on the contrary, maintain that it improves the work opportunities of university students, since their degrees are recognized in all the signatory countries, and the new curricula are more oriented to the training of professionals demanded by the University. society, with a greater specialization.

With respect to the credit system, they consider that the Plan organizes in a more real way the time of the students, establishing time limits and creating the possibility of studying part time to work, enrolling in fewer credits. They also defend that the overall work of the student and his initiative be valued more than the fact of simply attending master classes. They also argue that the system of degree and postgraduate (or master) is currently operating in most countries of the world.

The mixed system, majority

The mixed system that has just been approved by the Spanish Government is currently applied in 26 European countries, including Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom. Nine countries, including France or Finland, have opted for three-year degrees (180 credits), and eight (Russia, Turkey, Greece and Ukraine among them) maintain the up to now four-year Spanish model (240 credits).

EU countries remain responsible for their education systems and are free to apply their own standards . Despite the homogenization achieved by the Bologna Plan, there is no automatic recognition of academic qualifications in the EU. In other words, to obtain recognition of the studies or of the degree in another member country, it is necessary to follow the procedure established in that country.

The administrations of the EU countries are still responsible for their education systems and are free to apply their own rules, which among other things contemplate the recognition or not of the degrees obtained abroad.

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Occupational disability insurance in the test: Early completion is worthwhile

Occupational disability insurance in the test: Early completion is worthwhile

A current disability insurance rating shows not only significant price differences between different rates, but also between different occupational groups. Thus, some insured pay significantly higher contributions for the protection of their labor. However, the test makes it clear that you can save a lot of money with an early degree.

Disability insurance: Nurses pay higher contributions
  • With occupational disability insurance, insured persons receive financial support if they lose their workforce.
  • However, a new test shows that the cost of critical protection varies widely depending on age and occupational group.
  • Interested parties can find out what offers they can secure at very favorable conditions with an offer for occupational disability insurance.

The occupational disability insurance offers important financial protection. Dependent on personal factors, the contributions for the protection of all things are different. This confirms a current test of the analysis house morning and morning on behalf of Handelsblatt. In addition, different providers vary in price . Insureds pay almost three times the most expensive insurer in comparison to the cheapest offer.

High price differences in the top rates for occupational disability insurance

The disability insurance test has examined numerous offers with regard to the benefits and the amount of the insurance premiums. The experts calculated the price of tariffs on the basis of various occupational groups. After all, for example, pure office work involves a much lower risk of occupational disability than a profession that is physically demanding.

Therefore, among other things, the conditions for mechanical engineers with 100 percent office work and nurses with 100 percent physical activity were compared. While the former at the age of 25 years insurance from 49 euros per month , the latter must spend at least 68 euros a month . Nurses receive in this bill, however, only 1000 € instead of 1500 € in case of occupational disability.

The cheapest rates with highest rating for 30-year-old office clerks in the test include:

  • Basler “Basler BP” – 61 euros (payment amount)
  • Dialog “SBU-professional Vitality” – 66 Euro
  • Swiss Life “SBU 120” – 66 Euro

Service: You want an occupational disability insurance that offers excellent conditions for your age and professional group and is cheap? Request a quote now and find a suitable rate.

Our service for you

Now find your tailor-made protection against occupational disability.

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In addition to occupation, age is also crucial

In the disability insurance test, it can be seen that a degree is worthwhile, especially at a young age . On the one hand, the contributions increase with a higher starting age. On the other hand, pre-existing conditions can occur over time, leading to high risk premiums . For this reason, the experts also examined the protection for an 18-year-old pupil. This receives a disability insurance with a pension of 750 euros from just 26 euros per month.

Especially people in occupational groups who have an increased risk of occupational disability, should think early on a hedge. This can save a lot of contributions during the insurance period . However, since they are mainly available with a lower BU pension, it is advisable to pay attention to a reinsurance guarantee. This gives them the opportunity to increase the pension later without another health check.

Which form of disability insurance is recommended?

The rating has not only taken into account self-employed occupational disability insurance, but also combined life insurance policies. Such a combination is not always useful . In particular, the connection with a capital-forming life insurance is not recommended, explains Bianca Boss of the Confederation of insured against the Handelsblatt. For example, if the insured person is forced to terminate the life insurance due to a financial emergency, the occupational disability insurance is also terminated . A new degree is then much more expensive and in some cases because of pre-existing conditions no longer possible. Therefore, the separate conclusion of a retirement plan is recommended.

The connection with a death protection in the form of a term life insurance can be advisable for people who want to protect their loved ones. Such a tariff includes a one-off payment of capital to beneficiaries should the insured die within the term of the insurance. However, only four- to five-digit amounts are usually provided here. An independent term life insurance, however, pays a six-figure sum depending on the contract.

Here you will find tips and more information on occupational disability insurance.
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