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If you want advice on insurance, you have only one option. Although many Internet portals provide comprehensive information on various insurance products. But an individual consultation is possible in the end only by the personal way. More and more consumers seem to be aware of this.


Beratung bei Versicherung lieber persönlich gestalten
Many good reasons for personal advice

For years, online travel portals were very popular with consumers. But there has been a trend reversal for some time now . Tourists will rediscover the advantages of a travel agency, which includes, above all, the consideration of individual requirements and personal advice . Even with insurance, these two points are particularly important. If you take out insurance on the internet with only a few clicks, you may be able to make a fatal wrong decision. For young consumers in particular, advice on insurance is recommended, experts say.

Many good reasons for personal advice with insurance

According to ASI Wirtschaftsberatung, inexperienced and young people are "insecure when dealing with the policies." Even the large product range is rather confusing, so that a consultation on the appropriate insurance makes sense. In addition, younger people can be guided by very reasonable prices. Most consumers realize too late that the corresponding offers can have their weaknesses.

Consumers make decision for insurance rationally

A study by the market research institute FGM shows that "customers are choosing rationally for insurance coverage." Consultants like you also need not be afraid of your customers in a personal conversation. Because a large proportion of respondents – 43 percent in total – realistically estimate the cost of their compensation . Anyone who decides to seek advice on insurance is usually aware of what to expect. Nevertheless, the principle of transparency should continue to apply here.

Despite the strong competition from online sales, personal advice for consumers is still necessary . Although comparison portals offer a first overview. But only with the advice individual factors like the financial situation of the customers are correctly estimated. Tip: We bring you together with the customers who want advice live and in color . Buy our high-quality leads and convince your customers of your expertise. Your sound advice on insurance ensures you a long-standing customer loyalty.


Anja Schlicht

editorial staff

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Health insurance comparison 2016: Which health insurance is the right one

Thursday, 07.01.16 , written by Kathrin Staats After more than 75 health insurance companies have increased their additional contributions, millions of people with statutory health insurance have to dig deeper into their pockets. By a health insurance comparison in 2016, however, they can save money. Because many funds will remain cheap this year. But are they good too? >

Vergleich Krankenkassen 2016: Mitglieder können meist bares Geld sparen

Health insurance comparison 2016 pays off for insured

Two-thirds of the statutory health insurance funds have increased the additional contribution for 2016. The Viactiv health insurance with 16.3 percent and the DAK health with 16.1 percent are the two most expensive providers. Who does not want to be satisfied with the contribution increase should compare his current health insurance with other funds. In 2016, more than 40 of them kept their contributions stable. But for the provider change, there is not much time left for some insured persons .

Health insurance comparison 2016: When is a change of health insurance possible?

A change of health insurance is usually very simple. The following applies: If you are a member of the fund for at least 18 months, you can cancel at any time with a notice period of two months to the end of the month . If the additional contribution is increased, a special right of termination also applies . Then legally insured persons may also change before the end of the 18 months. However, this is only possible in the month in which the increased contribution is charged for the first time. The cancellation must therefore be the cashier by 31 January .

Service: Which health insurance in your region costs the least, you will find out the fastest with a health insurance comparison computer.

Insured persons can change their cash register not only with premium increases, but also with unsatisfactory achievements and bad service. In particular, people with pre-existing conditions or chronic suffering in a change have nothing to fear, because the statutory health insurance companies may not refuse insured .

Our service for you

Find now a cheap health insurance for your wallet.

compare offers

Health Insurance Comparison 2016: Find the best deal

A comparison of health insurance shows willing to change, in which health insurance in 2016 they are best kept . If you want to be insured cheaply, it is best to switch to a cash register with low contributions. However, those who value high performance often have to dig a little deeper. A recent study by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) shows which providers convince with favorable contributions or very good performances. A saving of “up to 860 euros a year” is possible when switching from the most expensive to the cheapest.

The performance and price discount, however, only serves as a rough guide for the insured . Much more detailed is the health insurance comparison for 2016 of € uro magazine. On the basis of different sample customers the best health insurance for 2016 was determined. The test shows which providers, for example, savers, families or people who attach particular importance to alternative medicine, are in the best hands .

What should be considered in the 2016 health insurance comparison?

For the selection of the appropriate protection, the consumer advocates of Stiftung Warentest recommend a comparison of the health insurances for 2016. It should be noted that those affected should compare not only the amount of the contribution, but also the benefits with other offers . While there is a statutory standard of care, health insurances can also provide their members with special benefits such as reimbursement for professional teeth cleaning. These extra services vary greatly from checkout to checkout . Therefore, a health insurance comparison 2016 provides interested parties with a comprehensive overview and helps in the search for the personally best possible health insurance.

Here you will find tips and further information on the statutory health insurance. >

Kathrin State

editorial staff

More news on health insurance

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Bolsa Dividendo Europa, FI


It is an International Variable Investment Fund.

It invests most of the capital in equity or similar assets (shares, derivative instruments …), issued in different currencies.

In addition, this fund distributes semiannually , through reimbursement of participations, a variable percentage corresponding to the dividends received.

Aimed at investors who are willing to invest in a product with a very high risk profile , that is, to achieve a higher potential return, they are willing to assume greater risk and, in addition, they want to receive a variable percentage of their investment every six months.

This fund is oriented for investments with a term of between 3 and 5 years.

BBVA Bolsa Dividendo Europa Plan, FI offers the possibility of investing in the European market, in a diversified way , for those clients who want to take equity positions in this region, taking advantage of the extensive experience of BBVA Asset Management in the management of this type of investments.

  • characteristics
  • Profitability and associated risks
  • Did you know?
  • What is the risk profile of this fund?

    The risk level of this fund is 7, that is, it has a very high risk profile.


    About patrimony:

  • Management fee (i) : 1.55% per annum.
  • Deposit commission (i) : 0.20% per annum.
  • About the amount subscribed or reimbursed :

  • No subscription fees.
  • Refund Commission:
  • 1.5% for participations less than 3 months old.
  • 0% for participations with an age greater than or equal to 3 months.
  • What is your minimum investment?

    The minimum investment amount is € 600.

    In what does this fund invest?

    Mainly, in the most important companies of the European stock exchange, taking as an example the Stoxx Europa Select Dividend 30 index (composed of the 30 European securities with the highest dividend yield of 18 countries in Europe).

    The investment will be distributed as follows:

    Fondos :: Bolsa Plan Dividendo Europa :: inversion


    There is no limitation on investment in currencies other than the euro.

    See the fund’s profile in the BBVA Plans Manager.


    (i) Glossary

  • OECD : Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is made up of 34 countries and its objective is to coordinate its economic and social policies.
  • Credit quality (rating) : valuation of a company or issuance of an asset that allows knowing the capacity of the company to pay its obligations in the future. It is based on a scale that ranges from maximum credit quality (AAA) to BBB- (intermediate) to minimum credit quality (CCC). The lower the credit quality, a higher interest rate is required to compensate the risk assumed by the investor
  • Duration: average expiration time of all the payments of a bonus, both the principal and the periodic coupons. This calculation is weighted, that is, proportional to its weight in the fund.
  • Deposit Commission : percentage that is charged on the patrimony of the plan by the administration and custody of the assets.
  • Management fee : percentage that is charged on the assets of the plan for the management of the assets.
  • Subscription / redemption fee: percentage charged by the investment fund management company when the client wants to buy or sell assets outside the established dates.

    Did you find this content useful ? Give us your opinion

    At BBVA, we ensure clarity and transparency in the information we offer you. We are committed to provide plain and easy to understand explanations about the characteristics of the product, in particular, the interest rate, commissions and costs of the operation you want to perform.

  • Market: mainly due to the variation in the prices of the variable income assets in which it invests and the interest rates.
  • Of currency: due to the variation of the exchange rates in the investment in currencies other than the euro.
  • Credit: limited, given the credit quality of the assets in which it invests.
  • Investment in derivatives.

What profitability does the plan offer?

The fund offers a variable return to investors. The profitability will depend on the evolution of the assets in which the fund has invested the capital. Past performance is not indicative of future results. As an information, the behavior of the fund since it began its management has been as follows:

Fondos :: Bolsa Plan Dividendo Europa :: rentabilidad

The current expenses as well as, where appropriate, the income statement are included in the calculation of historical performance and do not include the effect of the possible subscription and / or reimbursement fees.

* This year there were significant changes in the investment policy.

Date of registration of the fund: 09/04/2010. Data calculated in euros. Updated data according to the available annual report. Source: BBVA Asset Management.



Associated risks (i)

As with any other investment product, investing in funds implies assuming a certain level of risk. Each fund, depending on its specific characteristics and the assets in which it invests, will imply a greater or lesser level of risk. The risks of the BBVA Bolsa Plan Dividendo Europa, FI fund, which invests in different types of fixed income and variable income assets, are the following:

(i) Glossary

Associated risks:

  • Market: the variation in the prices of the assets in which the plan invests (variable income, interest rates, currencies, etc.) can negatively affect its profitability.
  • Investment in equities: investment in equities carries the risk of variation in the prices (prices) of the shares.
  • Interest rate: variation that the price of an asset may suffer due to changes in the interest rate. There is an inverse relationship between interest rates and the price of fixed-income securities, such as bonds (when interest rates rise, the price of assets decreases and vice versa).
  • Of currency: risk before the variations of the exchange rate of our currency on that in which the plan is invested. Investment in assets issued in currencies other than the euro carries a risk derived from fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • Credit: risk that the issuer of an asset does not meet its payment obligations on the established date.
  • Investment in derivatives: financial derivatives are instruments that are based on the price of another asset (called underlying). They can be used to cover the risk of the price of an asset or to capitalize on its variation. The investment carries the risk that the coverage is not perfect, since it allows to have an exposure to the underlying greater than the amount invested (called leverage). There is also risk of default in the payment of one of the parties involved in the transactio
  • Funds are a diversified investment alternative , since they invest in numerous assets, which reduces the risk of investing in a single asset.
  • There is a wide variety of investment funds with very different risk profiles.
  • The funds allow you to invest in different types of assets, geographical areas, currencies … You can choose the one / those funds that best suit your objectives and needs.
  • Investment funds allow access to the benefits of professional management from very small amounts (in this case, from only € 600).
  • One of the main characteristics of this investment fund is its liquidity. You can buy and / or sell shares at any time, since you do not have subscription or redemption fees.
  • In accordance with current legislation, you should only pay taxes when you sell all or part of your investment fund. For individuals with tax residence in Spain, the transfers from one investment fund to another does not have a tax impact on personal income tax (capital gains are not taxed or handicaps are deducted until the definitive reimbursement occurs).
  • It is very important that you inform yourself well and understand the operation of the fund before investing.  


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The Port of Vigo incorporates a simulator to train personnel and lay the foundation for the ports of the future



El conselleiro Francisco Conde, prueba un simulador del Puerto de Vigo
The Regional Minister Francisco Conde, tests a simulator of the Port of Vigo XUNTA

The Port of Vigo has incorporated a simulator of port operations that, through a system that tries to represent the real operations of a port, has the objective of training workers and making the Vigo terminal itself “a kind of pilot port” to establish the bases of “how will the port terminals of the future be”.

The president of the Port Authority of Vigo (APV), Enrique López Veiga, has stressed that this tool has “a transcendental importance”, since it will allow the group of workers “to train more quickly and with more security”. To do this, next week will begin training, which includes theoretical and practical notions in the simulator.

Also, this new tool will make the Olympic city “a kind of pilot port” to test, propose a better port organization, optimize the spaces and simulate “any contingency” that may occur in the terminal. From this, a model that aspire to export to other countries in Europe will be established.

To do this, they will monitor the port and improve the simulator to turn it into an emulator that allows redesigning the terminals in order to optimize them, maximize them, take advantage of the space and reduce costs. In this way, different possibilities will be tested and to implement those that are accepted.



The technical director of Transglobal, Antonio Álvarez, has explained that the main objective when creating this simulator (which is located inside a portable container) was to give it “the greatest possible reality”. To do this, a ‘software’ has been developed that represents the behavior of the different types of cranes and machinery in the port, and allows to introduce extreme climatic conditions (rain, wind, fog, etc.).

In addition, a ‘hardware’ surrounds the user to give more immersive feeling. Specifically, there are six LED screens, a console with buttons and crane levers, a platform with six degrees of movement and 5.1 sound. With all this, the sensations of the operators in real life are recreated. At the time, from outside you can observe the user and modify the conditions of the simulator.

“Once again, Vigo is at the forefront of port innovation,” said the director general of Fishing, Mercedes Rodríguez; to which the Regional Minister of Economy, Francisco Conde, added that this project “will place the Port of Vigo at the forefront” and its simulator, “linked to the 4.0 industry, will be an opportunity to train workers “

In this context, Conde has made the Xunta available to the Port to “be part of that alliance to respond in terms of training.” Immediately after, it has maintained that the Autonomous Administration takes “time” working to reinforce and adapt the training to the needs of the companies.

Thus, it has approved 27 new specialties that can already be taught anywhere in Spain, and, in fact, this Wednesday it has advanced that the Official Gazette of Galicia (DOG) has published the second call for training units to finance their Total courses proposed by companies.


This initiative, which has European funding, is one more step towards Industry 4.0 and is part of the ‘Blue Growth’ strategy, for which the port seeks to be innovative, sustainable, inclusive and connected.

The port’s security chief, Carlos Botana, remarked that within the ‘Blue Growth’ several projects have been started, including the one hosting the simulator, called ‘Puerto del Futuro’.

In addition, he mentioned the ‘Carreras Azules’ project, to train 165 workers and offer “a la carte” advice to another 250. This project has already started with the training of managers, and they intend to extend it to the rest of the professional categories. In fact, they already have a course on climate change and new energies.

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Question of the week: What insurance pays for the bike in case of theft?

Question of the week: What insurance pays for the bike in case of theft?

Friday, 10.03.17 , written by Annabell Meyer In Germany, it is estimated that every two minutes a bicycle is stolen. More than 90 percent of the stolen bikes never reappear. Equally important is insurance for the bike that pays for theft. But there are certain conditions. Just completing the bike is often not enough to be secured. 

More than 600,000 registered bicycle thefts have occurred nationwide in the last two years alone. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher, as many cyclists do not even hope to get their bikes back, and do not go to the police. Even if bicycle theft is by no means a trivial offense, prosecution leaves much to be desired nationwide. The police can only enlighten about ten percent of the cases . She lacks the financial and human resources to act harder against the perpetrators.

In addition, thieves often belong to well-organized, international gangs. Once these are out of the country with the spoils, it is almost impossible to hold them accountable. A large part of the stolen wheels therefore remains missing. After all, those who are stolen with insurance for the bicycle get money to buy a new two-wheeler.

In case of bicycle theft, household contents insurance pays – or not?

Bicycles are usually covered by normal household insurance . But in order to pay for theft, insured persons have to fulfill certain conditions. So the bike should be taken into the apartment or stored in a lockable basement. Thieves then only get to the wheel by breaking into it. If the bike is stolen while traveling, it depends on the agreed insurance conditions, whether the home insurance pays.

Some policies also limit reimbursement. While some insurers pay for the original price of the wheel, others pay only a time value. Especially in older contracts, there is often a night clause, according to which the insurance for the bike in case of theft between 22 o’clock and 6 o’clock does not pay – regardless of whether the bike is completed at home or used. Insured are also only those parts of the bike that are firmly connected to the frame. For extras like saddlebags, lamps or baskets there is no refund.

Service: If you want to be on the safe side while protecting your bike, you should take a close look at the services that the respective policies contain. Cyclists will find the right protection for themselves with the household contents insurance comparison calculator.

Our service for you

Protect your belongings with home contents insurance now.

Compare fares

Is a special insurance for the bike worth it?

An extra insurance for the bike is especially recommended for cyclists who own an expensive bike. For example, if the electric bike or the mountain bike with special equipment costs several thousand euros, the owners are not adequately covered by home contents insurance. Because this often pays only one to two percent of the sum insured in a bicycle theft. The better protection, however, also has its price. For example, bicycle insurance costs several hundred euros a year . In addition, some contracts provide for a deductible of the insured in case of damage. In addition, the stolen person often has to prove that he had secured the bike to the insurer’s specifications.

How can cyclists prevent theft?

To avoid a bicycle theft, we recommend a high-quality and strong lock, which consists of as much steel as possible . But that alone is not enough, because thieves can easily carry away a locked wheel. Therefore, in the best case, the bike should be attached to a lamppost, fence or railing.

Cyclists can also have their bike coded by the dealer or the police. A special combination is engraved into the frame of the wheel, allowing the owner to quickly identify when the wheel returns after a theft. The coding usually costs a maximum of 15 euros.

Frame number helps with identification

In order to be able to inform the police as precisely as possible about the stolen bike in the event of a theft, it is advisable to note down the frame number . This is located at different points of the wire, such as under the bottom bracket or the rear frame tube.

What to do when a bicycle theft?

If the theft occurs despite all precautions, cyclists should inform the police immediately and file a complaint against Unknown . If they have no coding on the bike, they can indicate the frame number of the bike. The police send a letter about the bicycle theft to the victims, which they have to send to the insurance company. Whether the insurer requires further proof depends on the respective provider.

To find the stolen bike, tracking devices with associated apps for the smartphone can help. For example, the sender sounds an alarm when someone tries to steal the bike and sends a notification to the owner’s phone. In addition, the bike can be tracked via GPS or Bluetooth.

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What object do you keep as a reminder of the baby stage of your children?

The type of highchair that I liked the most Infallible way to get our children to brush their teeth

When I was pregnant with Jaime, I thanked all those archivers who lent me. I did not have to buy a cart, a high chair, a park, or many other things that I later returned to their owners or gave to other recent mothers with the gossip I had bought and no longer needed.

I love that chain of loans and gifts , not because of the lack of space on our floors, incompatible with the overabundance of pots (many unnecessary or very little needed) that surround the first two years of a child’s life. It seems to me that it is the most logical and solidary.

What do I want to keep all of that for? I know grandmothers with space who have kept cars, high chairs, bathtubs, changing tables … with the hope that their grandchildren will use them. In most cases this has not been the case. They have been dusted, assembled and checked that are less practical and / or safe than their modern counterparts and have been discarded. That is to say, they have been thirty years in the storage room, the garage or the attic for nothing, when in the 70s or 80s they could have been very useful to a family.

But I think that all mothers keep something for pure sentimental value. Normally something small, something that was in contact with the skin of our son, that perfect skin with the best perfume in the world. Normally it is a sabanita, a toquilla, a pajama, some shoes …

By the way, I do not know a mother who does not, but I do not know of any father who did it . Maybe it’s my thing. It is dangerous to extrapolate personal experiences.

I, from Jaime’s baby stage, I only keep a cotton body , the first one I put in the hospital. From Julia, a little dress that my sister-in-law gave me when she found out I was pregnant with a girl . Everything else is better being used by other babies.

And you? What do you keep?

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Prison without bail for Jordi Pujol Ferrusola



Judge José de la Mata has decided on Tuesday to send to prison without bail to Jordi Pujol Ferrusola , the first-born of the former Catalan president, after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has requested it for having hidden 30 million euros since 2012, when it was started to investigate.

The judge estimates that Pujol Ferrusola continues to maintain structures to hide and launder money outside of Spain and contacts with family and friends to “arm alibis”.

The magistrate of the National Court has adopted this decision at the request of anti-corruption prosecutors Belén Suárez and Fernando Bermejo, the State Bar and the accusation exercised by Podemos, who have asked for it because of the risk of destruction of evidence and criminal reiteration and that Of the Mata considers it “essential” so that it does not interfere in the investigation.

In his arrest warrant, the judge imputes the crimes of money laundering, against the Public Treasury and falsehood in a commercial document, and also adds that “indications of a crime of belonging to a criminal organization are” progressively appearing.

Affirms that the latest reports of the UDEF-which say that since he was investigated in 2012 has hidden 30 million- it follows that he continues “maintaining contacts with different people, friends or family members to orchestrate versions, arm alibis and get avoid providing evidence to the cause “.

Hide the money

In addition, “it has continued to carry out all types of accounting, banking, contractual and corporate activities, reconversion of operations, loan agreements and debt recognition” to hide the money and put it “out of reach of the courts”.

The first-born of the Pujol, says the judge, thus maintains “the availability of national and international corporate schemes designed with the specific purpose of placing capital out of the reach of Spanish jurisdiction, as well as the laundering of capital outside of Spain and repatriation.”

To this he adds that he continues to have ” direct and continuous relationships with different frontmen and / or fiduciaries in other countries (Mexico, the United States, Argentina and others)” with which he continues “his strategy of hiding sources of evidence and evidence, making it even more difficult. more research. “

These relationships have led the judge to requisition the mobile phone hours before communicating his decision to send him to prison to try to prevent him from doing any operation of this type.

In the car, the judge talks about the heritage that the Pujol kept hidden in Andorra, that he “coordinated” always “for the family’s benefit” and that his parents and his six brothers attribute to an inheritance from his grandfather Florenci.

The judge rejects once again this argument of the inheritance because “no element is provided that allows to contrast the veracity of this version”, neither of him nor of “any of his brothers”.

“Coordination” among the Pujol

On the contrary, he believes there are “consistent indications” of ” common patterns of action, coordination of activities, assignment of roles, distribution and distribution of multimillion-dollar amounts” among the Pujols to manage those amounts of the supposed inheritance.

The defensive strategy is obviously orchestrated and coordinated with that of all the members of his family De la Mata reproaches him in the car that although today, “for the first time”, he has clarified that the entity in which the legacy was deposited was Credit Andorrá, It continues without explaining other details such as the bank managers who managed it or the financial products in which it was invested.

“The defensive strategy is coincidental and is obviously orchestrated and coordinated with that of all members of his family”, insists on the money of the Principality, which allowed him to obtain an “unjustified” benefit of 5.5 million pesetas, 6, 6 million euros, 11.1 million dollars, 7.8 million marks and 93,000 pounds.

Pujol Ferrusola also lacked “clearly the truth” before the judge because he denied having accounts in Andorra at first, and then even made a “clear money laundering operation” with the legal proceedings underway by buying a company in Panama.

On the other hand, it highlights that the first-born of the Pujol has several instrumental societies that only used to “channel capital of alleged criminal origin”, with which it invoiced more than 11 million euros in concept of advisory work to companies whose common denominator is that they tendered with the public sector.

There is not, however, “the slightest indication” that justifies that these advisory work was done and there are even “illogical operations” that the counterparty denies.

As for the international frameworks for money laundering, the judge details transactions with frontmen with accounts in other countries such as Mexico, Andorra, the United States, Paraguay, Argentina and Panama.

Its strategy of hiding capital outside of Spain “has continued to this day,” he adds.

4 hours declaring

De la Mata has taken this decision, and has been questioning him for more than four hours , as a precautionary measure to prevent him from keeping in touch with other people related to his estate abroad, while deciding on his procedural situation.

During his appearance, the eldest son of the Pujol, which is the third time he appears at the National Court in this case, has denied that he has dedicated himself to hiding money when he was already being investigated, as the UDEF states in a report in the one that aims to hide 30 million euros since 2012, have reported sources present in the statement.

Pujol has alleged that he invested the money in business abroad. He alleged that this money was invested in foreign businesses that were ruinous except for one in Mexico, while the UDEF believes it responds to “an insistent and continuous strategy of depatrimonialization in Spain “.

The Office of the Prosecutor, the State Attorney, and the accusation that Podemos has in this case have not believed the version of the first-born of the Pujol and have requested their entry into unconditional prison and without bail, mainly because of the risk of destroying evidence.

After the celebration of the vistilla in which this precautionary measure has been requested, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola has left the headquarters of the National Court at 5:20 with a small suitcase.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office already requested the prison in this case for his younger brother Oleguer in January 2017, although the judge will finally release him with a passport withdrawal, a ban on leaving Spanish territory and biweekly appearances.

On that occasion, De la Mata acted similarly and before communicating his decision allowed him to leave the Audiencia Nacional for a few hours.

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After ECB shock: Good investment alternatives

After ECB shock: Good investment alternatives News always well informed


Thursday, 05.06.14, written by Juliane Wellisch

Today, Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank (ECB) announced the cut in the key rate to 0.15 percent. For savers, secure investments are now finally a loss. Which alternative for your investment do savers even have? Anyone who says goodbye to the passbook, daily and fixed money can save his savings.



Geldanlage: Alternativen zu Sparbuch, Tagesgeld und Festgeld

Investment alternatives for savers: Here’s still returns

Today’s decision by the ECB to lower the key interest rate was eagerly awaited by economists and consumers alike. Now it is clear: the key interest rate slips to historically low 0.15 percent. There is also the introduction of negative interest rates for banks depositing money at the central bank. These must now accept a penalty interest of minus 0.1 percent for their deposits. These steps have significant implications for savers who still invest their assets classically. Even now, secure investments rarely pay off a return. In order to receive interest above the inflation level for its capital, one has to say goodbye to traditional secure investments such as the savings account, call money or time deposit.

Service: You need an overview of the different investment forms? With the cash calculator, you will learn quickly and without obligation, which returns are possible with which investment.

Alternatives to low-return secure investments

Most consumers know that the savings book has long been hardly suitable for investing their own assets profitably. The ECB rate cut will not change that. For even before the renewed adjustment of the interest rate most passbooks offer less than 0.5 percent interest. Fixed deposits have become less and less lucrative in recent years. For middle-income savers, however, returns are possible. Mutual funds, equities, assets and savings plans can be used to reliably increase your own capital.

Our service for you


Make more money out of lucrative investments now.

compare offers

Investment Alternative # 1: Mutual Funds – Good prospects through broad diversification

Mutual funds invest savers’ money in various companies, securities, real assets, or shares. While some funds focus on real estate, fixed income or equities, others are well mixed. This results in very different return options. Savers should never forget the risk aspect of funds that promise high returns. Even if losses can be cushioned by the broad distribution of deposits, a mutual fund can not offer such a high degree of security as, for example, the overnight money.

Investment alternative no. 2: Stocks – High profit opportunity, but also high risk

Stocks can generate significant profits. Savers who choose to invest in equities will not only benefit if the share price rises. Because as an alternative to a secure investment, stocks pay off primarily through the dividend. This is distributed to shareholders if the respective company is doing well. However, if the stock corporation gets into financial difficulties, savers are also at risk of high losses. Instead of investing in a single company, an equity fund is therefore an alternative. Here one has high yield possibilities and does not have to worry about losing all the capital in one fell swoop if a stock company becomes insolvent.

Investment Alternative # 3: Real Estate

Home ownership is still the investment goal number one for many savers. Finally, you save on rent payments and also gains a lot of freedom. In popular regions in recent months, houses and condominiums have also risen considerably in price. Experts are therefore divided on whether real estate as an alternative to the classic investment for savers really worthwhile.

If you want to build your own four walls or purchase, you should therefore make sure that the property or the property is not already overpriced. In any case, low interest rates mean that there are currently very favorable real estate financing options, especially if you already have enough equity capital. Bausparkassen are currently promoting their contracts with the later guaranteed favorable loan interest. However, here also the interest rates for the savings account are very low, which makes some Bauspar contract at the moment as an investment for savers rather unattractive.

Which investment is the best alternative for savers?

In addition to the alternatives for investing, savers have countless other options for increasing their wealth. If you want to put some money aside every month, you benefit, for example, from a good fund savings plan. For savers who want to invest more money, they can split the investment into bonds, funds and equities. It applies to all savers: Before investing should be fully informed about their own ability and advice.




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