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Hello, hello! Long time no see! So far so good over here in epic-homework-land. Stressed to the max, but what else is new? Ill tell ya what in case you missed it, I did a guest post over at Marthes blog The Freedom Experiment a few days ago. Ch-ch-check, ch-check, check it out

Lets Talk Inspiration!

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colleen » 5 December 2011

fantastic article, that is just what I needed after not being able to sit down and work on things whether its my blog or homework it always takes a great deal to get things done. Im always feeling like I lack inspiration but your tips are great reminders in getting a project done! thanks for writing that 🙂

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Tamara Nicole » 5 December 2011

Oooh I love inspiration, checking it out:-)

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cam » 6 December 2011

how cool, just left a comment for you over there! x

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Kelley » 19 December 2011

I just saw this image in a slideshow and immediately thought of you, so of course I had to share it!

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Krissy » December 19th, 2011

Aaaaand bookmarking that image immediately! Thanks for sharing (and thinking of me!)

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To Inspire №6


Long time no see! Ive missed blogging so much! Computer is still very much on the fritz at the moment so Im still unsure when Ill be back to regular posting again, but Ill pop in from time to time if I can. Considering this post has taken me 3 days to put together in what would normally be less than an hour good luck me.

Negativity aside though, heres a little (slightly belated) Monday inspiration to help get you (but mostly me as Im suffering from severe blog withdrawal) through the week. I miss you, blog!! Im clinging on for dear life.

Stay inspired. xo.

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Lets Talk Inspiration!
Hello, hello! Long time no see! So far so good over here in epic-homework-land. Stressed to the max,…


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Harriet » 19 December 2011

Yay lovely to see you back if briefly, hope your computer stays in the land of the living for as long as possible!

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Sarah » 19 December 2011

Its lovely to hear from you again Krissy 🙂 another gorgeous little patch of inspiration!

Sarah x


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naomi » 19 December 2011

so many pretties 🙂 hope your computer is up & running smoothly soonsoonsoon!!

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cam » 23 December 2011

missing you too, very much! Love the glitter & glamor inspirations, always!

Happiest Holiday wishes, lovely! hope to chat some more again soon.. xoxo

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} » 24 December 2011

A perfect collection of wintery inspiring images. I definitely need to get outdoors this season. When it gets so cold, Im tempted to stay indoors, but I dont want to miss the beauty of winter either.

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Jen » 25 December 2011

Hi Krissy –
I understand your blog withdrawl hence why Im back in black on a new blog 🙂 Its been ages!
And just wanted to say that your 3 hours work on this post was worth every minute.

Jen (Jenaveve August Street)

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Sarah » 28 December 2011

Gorgeous x10!

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